LS 19: Perform orders

Agricultural Simulator 19: How to find the order overview

With orders you get a look beyond the box of your own company in the agricultural simulator 19.
You can find orders as follows:
1. Open the menu with “ESC”.
2. Select the sixth rider from left: “Contracts”.

Customer Orders in LS Central
3. There you will see all the available orders together with information about the price and the required action.
You can use your own equipment to carry out the orders or borrow suitable devices, which reduces the profit a little.
Take a good look at the fields before accepting an order so that you do not shine.
An example: to fertilize too large the device that is too small, it takes quite long, so that the profit is not in relation to the time.

In such cases, it is better to choose a different, more lucrative order from the start.