Elden Ring Datamine apparently points to a characteristic of Dark Souls

Enn Annillo in no way has a pact system, but judging by some contents extracted from data, it seems that the game could have had that kind of characteristic in process at some point. The players have discovered references within the game files to text messages that allude to several ranges that are advancing. All these messages belong to systems connected to the multiplayer environment of the game, which also suggests that, in fact, they were linked to some version of the pact system present in the Dark Souls games.

Un spin-off de Dark Souls ? ♻️ Mon TEST de ELDEN RING !
Twitter Straykurtis user who frequently shares anillo from Elden and the things of Souls such as this week to show a “fun data of the data mine.” That fun fact included the image below that showed a couple of references other than those that were familiar with anillo of Elden The multiplayer systems must recognize.

The references of Bloody Finger and Recusant are related to the people who invade the worlds of other players. On the contrary, Hunter’s reference refers to people who use blue encryption rings that allow them to be summoned to the worlds of those who use white encryption rings to defend themselves from invaders. The duelists are those who want fights 1 against 1, while Furled Finger’s reference is related to those who leave their signs of invocation to help others against the bosses.

Although these multiplayer roles work quite similar to their equivalents in the Dark Souls games, there is no route of progression in anillo of Elden except for accumulating runes and any recurring reward you get from each successful encounter. Dark Souls games, on the contrary, gave the best rewards players based on the range after successfully completing the duties of those pacts.

In the responses to the Straykurtis tweet, many anillo of Elden The players familiar with the Souls games immediately connected this discovery of the data mine with a discarded agreement system. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of anillo of Elden and the Dark Souls games, said in a past interview that the agreements would not be present in the first because the developers wanted to focus more on making the multiplayer elements easier to access.

Other players pointed out the fact that there is still a coliseum in anillo of Elden __ that can be used in the future with the hope that we may see them used in an expansion more focused on multiplayer mode. However, Fromsoftware has not announced any plan for such a DLC or other launch, so all this is only speculation until something is confirmed.