Sales of Stardew Valley overcame the mark of 20 million copies

The Stardew Valley farm simulator was released in February 2016 by the developer Eric Baron under the pseudonym of Concernedape. The game received many positive reviews from critics and players, and in the first two months it dispersed a million copies. Now, after 6 years from the release, the simulator boasts a rather impressive number of sales.

On the official website of the game, information was updated, according to which on March 2022 Stardew Valley overcame the mark of 20 million copies sold, of which 13 million were purchased by PC users.

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Since 2020, CONCERNEDAPE has been developing the RPG/simulator Haunted Chocolatier, where the main role-player living in the cordless castle will be in the main role. The main task of the players will be to search for rare ingredients, the manufacture of delicious chocolate sweets, and then sell them in the store.