NCsoft strengthens new job Onboarding Program

[jin reporter Park Ye -jin reporter] NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, NC) announced on the 9th that it has strengthened the ‘Onboarding Program’ for new employees.

NC plans to deliver the necessary information to new recruits and help them adapt to the organization. After attracting talent, the purpose is to form a healthy organizational culture and strengthen competitiveness through the integration with the organization.

The onboarding process has been newly organized in two stages: ‘Jump On NC’, which helps you understand the company, ▲ Melt in NC, which adapts to the organization and laid the foundation for collaboration. New jobs can participate in step -by -step programs to improve their understanding of the company and form a network with members to lay the foundation for collaboration.

NC held a ‘conversation with TJ’, which was asked by a new employee and the CEO answered on the 4th. As part of the onboarding program, new employees who joined last year and this year participated in the event and exchanged free questions about the company’s vision. NC presented a 100 -day employee’s name and a 100 -day cake lettering to commemorate the 100 days of joining the new employee.

Webinar Replay: How to build a solid onboarding program for your new employees

Meanwhile, NC operates a ‘post scholarship’ system that supports new student loans. The Post Scholarship System is a special welfare system for post -post scholarship concepts that support employees up to 15 million won.