NHL playoffs: Draisaitl celebrates the next gala with Oilers

Next gala, next victory: ice hockey superstar Leon Draisaitl and his Edmonton Oilers get better and better in the NHL playoffs. The Canadians delivered a spectacle again in the third round of round of 16 against the Los Angeles Kings and won 8-2. Draisaitl contributed the important hit to 1-0 and a goal.

In this way, the Oilers in the best-of-Seven series made it 2-1, and they had won the second game 6-0 after the surprising opening bankruptcy (3: 4). Game four takes place on Monday night.

Another German NHL professional has a good chance of progressing with Nico Sturm. Before game three that rises on Sunday night, his Colorado Avalanche leads 2-0 against Nashville Predators.

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Oilers fans celebrate first playoff game

In the other playoff duels on Friday evening, the Toronto Maple Leafs (5-2 against Tampa Bay Lightning) and Minnesota Wild (5: 1 against St. Louis Blues) each took the lead 2-1. In addition, the Boston Bruins shortened to 1: 2 with a 4-2 win against Carolina Hurricanes.