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The director of Dr. Strange 2 gives clues of possible unexpected cameos of Marvel

The day has arrived and finally, _ dr. Strange in the Multiverse of madness _ You will see its premiere in the cinemas, this launch being a quite expected by fans due to the direct connection it has with _ Spider-Man: no path home _ . This has led the director, _ Sam Raimi _ , to talk about certain cameos that followers can expect on the big screen.

In an advance focused on Illuminati it has already been confirmed that some of the superheroes of _ Marvel _ will appear, but the filmmaker says that the unnoticed cameos will surprise when the film is released exclusively in theaters on Friday. This was released in an interview that he recently had with the film medium _ Collider _ .

The cameos were all made to excite fans and surprise them, to make them gasp, to give them something that not exactly what they expected, but they would love.

Dr Strange 2 HUGE CAMEOS Confirmed?! New Footage Breakdown! Multiverse of Madness

With these statements, the director is telling the audience that they will see the multiverse as they have never done before, even much more interesting than already presented in the trepamuro tape. In addition, some are still thinking about the type of dumbbell to have with _ Scarlet Witch _ , since it could hide under the sleeve and its special book.

Remember that _ dr. Strange and in the Multiverse of madness _ premieres next May 5 .

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