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The lance carrier is the fourth specialization for the martial artist. With a huge lance you can hand out a lot of damage without losing agility. In this guide you can find out:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the lance carrier
  • How you play the new specialization
  • Which build is recommended
  • Which card set you should take

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the strengths and weaknesses of the lance carrier

The lance carrier skillfully connects her skills to close and remote attacks . This gives you a high degree of flexibility on the battlefield, especially when it comes to clearing a larger boss out of the way.

If it gets tight, it has a very good counterattack and can absorb the full damage of an enemy . For the team, she can increase the critical chance of hits for a short time.

However, the lance carrier is not a good entry class . In total, she has 14 skills, which increases the chance to calm down. In addition, she is one of the slowest classes in the game – it can do a lot, but cannot hand out damage quickly.

This is how the new specialization takes place

At the lance carrier you have two different combat styles with different skills ** to choose from. Only through the constant change between the red and blue skills does the full potential of the class develop. In addition, the damage increases if your opponent attacks from behind.

As in other classes , you fill your identity bar with damage to opponents. With every filled bar you get a bonus for your attacks. However, keep in mind that red skills consume energy from your bars while blue attacks fill them again.

When awakening, we recommend the Yeon Speer Technology: Speermeteteor . The right stand position for this ultimate ability is needed, but it shares a lot of damage to a larger area. Ideal to do large hordes of opponents.

You should upgrade these skills

With this build your relies on a combination of various buffs and high damage . The whole thing is reinforced by faster mana generation and an accelerated rotation during the fight. Especially for the very big bosses in Lost Ark you get the maximum out of the class.

You should have read the skills in the endgame as follows:

Ability Level 50 Level 55 Level 60
Business of the destruction 10 11 12
Starfall jump 10 11 12
Dragon scale defense 4 4
Red dragon horn 10 11 12
Blade wheel 7 10 10
Blitzkick 4 4 4
Half moon strike 10 11 12
Chain strike 4 4 4
Frenzied dragon stroke 10 11 12
Captivating blue dragon 10 10 10

In order to increase your damage value according to the skills, you have to follow a certain rotation. This only works in combination with runes and upgrades, which you put on the corresponding skills.

You need the following upgrades from the spear meteor:

Ability Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Rune
Business of the destruction Fast preparation Spear tip Airwide shock Orcan
Starfall jump Weak point detection Fast preparation Mighty conclusion focus
Dragon scale defense Constant belief
Red dragon horn Fast preparation Speer of destruction Weak point detection Orcan
Blade wheel Magic control Weak point detection Follow -up Judgment
Blitzkick Great mobility Rage
Half moon strike Sturm competence Final decision Tornado blade Verdict

Chain strike | Dive | – | – | –
Frenzied dragon stroke | Fast preparation | Temposlag | Awaken | Overwhelm
Captivating blue dragon | Fast preparation | Flash | Critical spear | purification

of this rotation you should follow

When rotating the lance carrier, it is important to first activate the ** reinforcements from the rune combination “judgment” and “judgment”.

Starts the fight with the “crescent moon” and the “blade wheel”. Then switches to the red mode with the identity ability. Now you can solve your strongest skills : “Rotdrachenhorn”, “Starfall jump” and “Show of destruction”. This combination fills your bars and you can change the mode again.

Now it is the final blow: First you reduce the resistance to critical goals of the opponent with the ability “captivating blue dragon” – the effect applies to your entire group. Then you trigger the “SpeermeMEOR” awakening.

If your group has not killed the boss until then, the rotation repeats. With “chain strike” and “lightning kick” you can pull yourself out of the opponent’s attack area at any time. The “high jump” is a suitable counterattack when the opponent illuminates blue.

card set for the Lanzenrägerin-Build

In Lost Ark there are many cards from various characters and monsters to discover. They are divided into different sets, that grant you effective bonuses, if you have collected all the cards from the set.

The “Light of Redemption” set is ideal for the lance carrier, as it changes your type of damage to “holy” and strengthens attacks. You also get resistance to “dark damage”, which benefits you in the chaos dungeons.

If you do not completely own the set, you can move into the battle with a combination of “forest of the giants” and “We’ll see each other” . They increase your defense and accelerate the regeneration of your life points.

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