Logitech X Desker, Create a Healthy Home Office Collaboration Project

Logitech, a personal peripheral company, announced on the 2nd that it will hold a brand collaboration project with the theme of ‘Creating a Healthy Home Office’ with work & lifestyle furniture brand Desker.

Perfect Productive Workspace – Minimal Office + Desk Tour

The “Creating a Healthy Home Office” project is a collaboration project organized by Logitech and Desker to showcase a comfortable and stable work space for consumers. Logitech, which has introduced the ergonomic peripheral lineup to improve work productivity, and Desker, who have sought business space innovation through furniture consulting and spatial styling such as the ‘Home Office Change’ campaign, attracts the attention of many consumers. It is expected to be. As part of the project, from today, the Logitech X Desker Home Office Zone, which allows you to experience various office products such as Logitech’s ergonomic wireless wireless mouse and desker ‘Motion Desk Basic Series’ You can find it in three stores in the Shinto Signature Store, Yeonnam Design Store, and Songpa Planning Store.

Logitech LIFT is an ergonomic vertical wireless mouse product launched in Korea on the 25th of last month. It is a perfect size for Koreans, supporting comfort, noise clicks and smart wheel connection, and multi -device connection. Desker’s Motion Desk Basic series is a motion desk with a clean design and intuitive height adjustment. Even those who use the height adjustment desk for the first time can use it easily, creating a compact and efficient work space.

SNS hashtag events will be held from today to 31st of this month for visitors. Visit one Desker X Logitech Home Office Zone to take a certification shot to come out of Logitech LIFT mouse and desker motion desk, and post it on Instagram with hashtag. The company plans to select 20 people who have left excellent authentication shots among the event participants, and will be presented as Logitech LIFT or Desker Home Office Set (Deskozer & Wood Tray).

Logitech Korea, Cho Jung -hoon, said, “In collaboration with Desker, Logitech’s high -performance office peripheral lineup will be introduced in an innovative collaboration home office zone,” he said. I hope it will help you. ”

Desker Information said, “Desker, which has a vision of work & lifestyle No.1 household brand, hopes that consumers will be able to live a healthy and comfortable work life and hobbies through the home office space proposed with Logitech. “

Meanwhile, in addition to the collaboration project to create a healthy home office, the Gaming Zone, where Logitech and Desker are together, are also in operation. Here you can experience Logitech’s gaming gear and creative lineup with Desker Gaming Desk.