Lineage W Dark Elf added… Strengthen communication behavior through real -time broadcasting

[update Park Ye -jin reporter] ‘Lineage W’ will add a new class ‘Dark Elf’. NCsoft also plans to increase the contact point due to real -time live broadcasts that directly inform the main updates.

According to the game industry on the 2nd, NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, hereinafter NC) opened the ‘Director Talk 2’, which communicates with the user of ‘Lineage W’, a multi -platform multiple -speed role -playing game (MMORPG), and released detailed information on the update details..

On this day, major development teams such as Lee Sung -gu, head of IP, Kang Jung -soo, and Choi Hong -young, head of the development department, introduced various contents that are scheduled to be large, including Dark Elf class description, siege reviews and improvement measures, and new Giran.

First of all, the new class ‘Dark Elf’ will be updated on the 4th. Recreate the emotion of the existing Lineage as it is. You can change the characters of other classes and move items and character levels. Various skills are also being prepared.

The developers mentioned that there will be improved points after the first siege. Lee Sung -gu, general manager, said, “First of all, the difficulty of Athvett and Guard NPC is lowered. The village forced teleport area has also been expanded, and the minimum contribution will be improved so as not to indicate the occupational ranking.

At the same time as the Dark Elf, the new world ‘Antaras’ will be updated. We are preparing various benefits such as checking new world attendance. The new Young -ji ‘Giran’ will be updated in the near future after the update of Oman’s Tower and Dark Elf. In the open trailer, the old Giran’s music was remakeed.

In addition, the new party dungeon ‘Garden of Craving’ is scheduled to be updated on the 11th. Boss Monster will feature Kerenis, and the story of Kerenis will be released in Lineage W. Many useful items such as Kerenis’ hat, robes, gloves and shoes will be used for a lot of useful items, and they are prepared at a relatively low difficulty. You can choose to be divided into upper and lower, and the rewards will be different.

The top hunting ground and world dungeon ‘Oman’s Tower’ will also be updated on the 18th. Choi said, “I tried to express it in 3D as it is a fun story.” On the first floor of Oman’s top, Zenith Queen’s ring and cloak appear. Unlike the garden of craving, it will proceed with the highest level of difficulty, and high rewards and powerful items that have not been seen have not been seen.

The server transfer starts on the 18th. The server relocation in the world is available for free, and the world will be carried out with the trend after the server transfer.

There was also a question and answer to users’ complaints. Regarding the workplace and macro issues, Lee said, “We will introduce a system that makes gameplay difficult (macro), such as introducing your identity, and will reflect your opinion.” “I do it.”

In response to the improvement of the siege, Choi said, “We are continuously modifying problems such as bugs, and we are preparing to enjoy no bugs in the third and fourth weeks.” “We are also planning to be a war of liver war, and we are considering sex taxes in this regard.”

This broadcast was followed by ‘Director Talk’ on February 18, and is the second in Lineage W’s real -time broadcast. At the time of February, Lineage W was informed of the first episode update.

It is not the first time that NC has not been live broadcasting so far, but it is the first time this year has been in full swing in the form of developers in major IPs. NC unveiled five new IPs earlier this year, announced an ‘open R & D’ plan, and announced that it will actively communicate with users, and sequential trailer videos of new IP, in -game videos, and developer interviews in the development stage. It is released. The live broadcasts that develop the development team are part of the move continuing to communicate with users.

Earlier, NC introduced a large -scale update on Lineage M on March 21 on March 21, ‘Inside M: Season 1’. ‘We have announced the direction and update schedule of the year. Lineage 2M is scheduled to be ‘Lineage 2m Live Talk Season 3’ on the 13th.

In addition to Lineage IP, NC also unveiled the update information in the first half of the year on the live broadcast of ‘B & S 2 On-Air’ in March and April, and released major stats and renewal information. An official of NCsoft said, “We will increase the contact with users, such as real -time broadcasting before the main update.”