How to change the specification in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 gives players the opportunity to redistribute their characteristics by talking with NPC, Rosaria, and the mother of the Renaissance. This NPC can be found in the depths of the depths, and he needs a pale tongue to redistribute the characteristics or change the appearance of the player’s character. Here’s how you can change the characteristics in Dark Souls 3.

where to find rosary in Dark Souls 3

From the cleansing chapel bonfire, players can go through the door on the left. This label can be unlocked inside the cathedral as soon as the players overcome the first giant. The room on the side leads to the elevator on which players can rise to bring to the stairs through the window. Jumping down after reaching the tower, the players will fall on the roof of the cathedral.

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Dark Souls 3 - How to Respec (Reallocate Stats/Change Appearance)

Once on the roof, players can climb the ramp, going to the right until they reach the entrance to the rafters of the cathedral. There are two cathedral knights who block the path. The one on the right blocks the area with which players can go down to get to the platform. Past Man Grubs there is a staircase on the right, which leads to the door to Rosaria bedroom . Having joined her carpet, players can use pale tongues to redistribute their characteristics or change their appearance.

Note: A connection to the Rosary Covenant no reason Sirris becomes hostile . Only offering pale tongues K on the rank above in the Testament will upset Sirris, The end of its quest line premature if the players did not end it.

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