Riot Games announced a new plan for Valorant esports in 2023

[Riot Park Ye -jin reporter] Riot Games predicted the breakthrough of Valorant esports in the 2023 season.

Riot Games announced a new plan to introduce three international leagues as the top tournament for Valorant E -Sports in 2023 season. In order to secure the long -term stability of Valorant e -sports, this new model has prepared a breakthrough support measure by signing a long -term partnership with the selection teams without subscription fee.

The three international leagues, which play on the main basis, are composed of America, Europe, and the Asia -Pacific region, respectively, and the visitors are watching with the conditions that health and safety conditions are met.

During the season, the best teams in each league will participate in the twice international Masters competition and the once -held Valorant Champions. The final team who won the Champions is becoming a Valorant World Champion.

Riot Games introduces a new competition mode in Valorant Games to find and foster Valorant e -sports talent. This mode, which all players can participate through the Valorant Client, will complement the existing leaderboards and present new goals beyond the ranks that are integrated with esports ecosystems.

There is also a new regional league that will provide more opportunities for talented people who are dreaming of entering the top international league. Teams with the highest results in the game’s competitive mode will be given the opportunity to compete with the strongest teams in the local leagues.

Riot Games also announced plans to sign a long -term partnership with the game team to introduce new international leagues, reorganize new regions, and discover and foster global talent.

Riot Games will select a long -term partner through the selection process for the support team in 2022. The team that meets the selection criteria will receive the opportunity to cooperate in the production of contents and items in the game with the financial support of the annual subsidy from Riot Games. 15 million users who enjoy Valorant can express their interests through esports content issued by the teams when playing or watching the game.

Riot Games will support the success of long -term partners by pioneering new areas of esports by not receiving subscription fee or participation fee from the selected game team.

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Riot Games has introduced permanent partnership through League of Legends e -sports for the first time in 2017. This model has signed an official partnership between the team and Riot Games, and the members have set up a foothold to invest in esports with a common long -term vision. Since then, the model has been adopted in North America, Europe, China, Latin America, Korea, Brazil, Turkish League and extensive esports industries.

“We are trying to create the most exhilarating esports environment with teams who have the best operating systems in the industry through Valorant, with strong challenge and best performance,” said Wellen Rogel Riot Games. Teams are designed to help teams grow their business with the overall growth of Valorant esports.The teams do not receive subscription costs or participation fees from the selected team, making them able to create a team with excellent skills and produce various contents to expand the fan base. I will apply. ”

“This change will be combined to create a Valorant ecosystem,” said John Nidum Riot Games. I will add strength to be a large e -sport of. ”