The playlist of PlayStation suggests a strong focus on PC games

According to a new job list, PlayStation seems to be expanding its efforts on the PC. In recent years, Sony has placed several of the main Titles of PlayStation on the PC. It all started with horizonte zero dawn, which seemed to be testing the waters for more PC ports. Once it proved to be a success, PlayStation began to bring games as dios of the war , _ _ _ _days, and some of the games of uncharted. As it is, it seems to be a successful strategy and allows PlayStation a unique way to compete with Microsoft. While Microsoft has made Xbox a platform beyond the consoles, allowing your games on the PC from the first day, PlayStation is putting older games on the PC to attract players to play their sequelae on a console.

However, it seems that PlayStation has no plans to stop. A new work publication indicates that the owner of the platform wants to hire someone to help lead and plan strategies for PlayStation PC division. Some responsibilities include working with partners such as EPIC and Steam, identifying forms of commercial growth for division and more. At this time, PlayStation has not announced any important launch for PC beyond the next collection of Uncharted, so it is not clear what games will be the following for the platform. It seems likely that a series like The Last of Us or Spider-Man is a great success on the PC, but since they are such important titles for Sony, they may wish to continue using them as possible lures to buy a PlayStation.

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However, it is difficult to imagine that Sony duplicates on the PC as a platform of the first day. Although Microsoft has had a tremendous success with this, the exclusives of the PlayStation marquee consistently sell important numbers as exclusive of the console and are the main reasons for people to buy a console. It makes more sense that PlayStation use the PC as a way to duplicate sales after they have decreased in consoles and as a way to help market possible sequels.

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