The Chicharito joins a professional ESPORTS team

During the last few years we have seen as more and more professional soccer players have entered the world of ESPORTS. During the pandemic, this type of activity allowed sports stars to expand their horizons. One of these was Javier “Chicharito” Hernández , front of the Mexican national team, who has signed a contract to be part of a professional sport team.

Today it has been released that Complexity, Global Organization of ESPORTS, has filed various athletes worldwide, including Javier Hernández, to be part of the Complexity Stars program, which is intended to “combine the best of the Real world and the virtual court. “ This was what the chicharito mentioned about it:

“Gaming has always been one of my passions, and when signing with Complexity Stars, I will be able to create content and organize events to commit me better with my fans out of the field. Complexity has a great history in videogames and ESPORTS and after seeing their commitment to the development of talent and the promotion of opportunities for athletes to grow organically with space, I knew it would be a perfect fit “.

Chicharito has made transmissions of Call of Duty: Warzone and FIFA in recent years. In this way, is expected that your next streams of these games will now be carried out under the Complexity logo . Similarly, this does not mean that the player put aside his career as a footballer. It’s just that he’s expanding his horizons.

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Editor’s note:

Considering that the Chicharito is already over 30 years old, the life of him as a professional soccer player is running out. In this way, it is good to see that the star of sport manages to find a new place in the extensive work world that is within reach of it.