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Video Game Films can enrich a franchise and curl both fans and film lovers into cinemas – if they are well d1. With a good example, almost two months ago, Uncharted was progressing. Sony celebrated great success with film adaptation and was able to replay the production costs again after a short time. Accordingly, we can probably assume that in the future there will be a continuation with the main actor Tom Holland known from Spider-Man.

But not only the popular Action Adventure series should find your home on the big screen: Sony is already planning the next video game film, this time from another big Playstation blockbuster . No wonder that this game was chosen to be chosen; Finally, it is a title that was already sold in the first three days after release whole 2.4 million times and is available exclusively for the PlayStation.

This PlayStation exclusive title will be filmed next

These are Ghost of Tsushima (now € 19.99) and the history around the Samurai Jin Sakai, who wants to free his home Tsushima from the Mongols and their brutal subjugation. The script will come from the spring of Takashi Doscher , which was already responsible in the past as a director for Only (2019) and Still (2018).

In order to bring the feudal Japan into the cinema, Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions brought further successful filmmakers to the boat: among other things, Chad Stahelski will be involved, which is known for the John Wick movies. The developer studio Sucker Punch Productions will also be represented by Peter Kang on the set. Thus, fans can expect a implementation that also corresponds to the ideas of the team behind Ghost of Tsushima.

The Launch of the Sony PlayStation (1995) | Classic Gaming Quarterly

This is the first information as the project is still in the early stage of production. Which actors are involved and when we can count on a theatrical release is therefore not yet known. However, after the success of the Uncharted Film, it can be expected that Sony will do everything else to land another hit with the next video game film.

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