Fusion Pro for the Nintendo Switch over in the test – is the cordless controller worth the 107 EUR?

What is this for a controller? The Fusion Pro is taken into consideration alternative to the Joy-CONS of the Nintendo Switch or the Pro Controller. He is likewise formally qualified and also currently costs 107.77 euros. It is thus in the upper rate spectrum.

** There are all kinds of various controllers for the Nintendo Switch over. My MMO author Lena has examined one for you: the wireless Controller Fusion Pro of Powera.

What can the controller?

  • It can be run by cable in addition to wireless. A switch on the controller switches over in between the modes.
  • The controller includes a “per pack” that enables you to put 4 existing tricks on the secrets of the per pack.
  • The upper shell can just be changed in between black and white layout.
  • Both joysticks are interchangeable.
  • It has a 3.5 mm jack connection.

What can the controller do not?

** Does the controller keep in mind the setup? Even if you close down the button and controller as well as after that turns on once more, the setup you have made remains.

How are the switches? All switches make a high top quality impact and also offer even more resistance when pressing than the typical pro controller, which I such as quite possibly. I had the feeling of having more control.

To set up the spider legs, you have to hold the button on the back of the gamepad for a few secs. A little luminaire lights up in front.

Powera made me the “Fusion Pro” controller for testing and also I tell you if the rate of 107.77 euros is rewarding.

What about the joysticks? However, I favor the joysticks of the basic Pro Controller. They are totally equipped with a non-slip rubber covering, while the fusion pro just shows the side of reported rubber as well as is reasonably smooth on the surface.

What was adverse? Particularly with Rumble-Intensive playing, like Mario Kart or The Binding of Isaac, I in fact missed out on the Rumble, as I was just made use of by the Pro Controller. He offered me an additional indication when I was easily left or hit by the path.

I simply had the feeling of Super Meat Child to leap with the increased vital resistance, better and regulated. It dropped substantially much more somewhat smaller dives than in the Pro Controller, whose keys pertain to the quit promptly.

I such as the layout, both in white and also black version.

  • The controller itself.
  • A bag with robust surface area.
  • A wire to charge the controller or to operate it with it.
  • 4 joysticks.
  • 2 shells for the upper component of the controller.
  • The per pack.
  • Procedure guidebook.

Just how did I check? Initially, I tested beyond video games, as the controller really feels like the buttons and also joysticks react. After that, I evaluated in the racing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, in the Indie The Binding of Isaac and in the Plattformer Super Meat Kid, as you can have fun with the Fusion Pro contrasted to the Pro Controller.

** Exactly how easy does the adjustment of coverings as well as joysticks work? On the controller is a small notch that makes the modification of shells uncomplicated.

What is the layout? Well, that’s always a matter of taste, however actually dramatically different than the Pro Controller does not look like the Fusion Pro. It was said that I just have the smash version of the Pro Controller, usually he is black-gray and has no white elements.

In the long run, I’ll tell you if I will certainly establish my expert Controller and also in the future for the fusion per gross.

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What is the controller in hand? Great, although I have little hands and also like smaller sized controllers. The rubber layer at the rear part of the fusion Pro also makes certain that I have a secure hold.

Very important advantages and disadvantages summed up again.

The per pack went to Mario Kart a lot valuable, at Super Meat Boy or The Binding of Isaac yet not. At the video games I involved all important switches and did not need the per pack in any way.

Configuration of the per pack.

The joysticks can likewise be conveniently traded. With a tiny train you remove the clubs and can not do anything wrong, since all joysticks fit both anticipated places.

  • No Rumble and also Amiibo feature.
  • Joysticks externally slippery, also smooth.
  • Battery not noticeable.
  • Per pack can be in the way or troubling with better hands.

Verdict on the “Fusion Pro” controller.

** Just how to mount the Pro Pad? In enhancement, there is a little cover if you do not utilize the per pad, however do not desire to leave the controller behind.

Since I often tend to put my thumb totally on the joystick and not from the side of controls, I went across a couple of times there and also needed to get a different control.

You simply really feel more of the game with the Rumble. Or else, the joystick always made me troubles, which I just could not obtain made use of to. Probably the more time required, because I have been making use of the billet for over two decades in a particular means.

What do you expect in the package? .

  • Scope of distribution.
  • Handling + design.
  • Arrangement of the unique attribute of the controller: the per pack.
  • Practical test.

New BEST Nintendo Switch Controller?! ???? - PowerA FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review

With the X switch you look in Mario Kart namely behind. A crucial feature to frustrate the challengers behind a targeted storage tank or bananas. With my regular pro controller, I have actually never ever used this function virtually never, or else I was unable to get actually gas and also brake.

  • He has no Rumble feature.
  • The controller can not check Amiibos.
  • The switch assignment can not be altered in the settings of the Nintendo Change.
  • The Nintendo Switch does not present the battery degree of the controller.

What is missing out on? You can not resonuse the switches in the Nintendo Change settings. You ought to have your own profile for your switches, you can not make use of that with the fusion pro.

The Fusion Pro is considered alternate to the Joy-CONS of the Nintendo Switch Over or the Pro Controller. Well, that’s always a matter of taste, but really significantly different than the Pro Controller does not look like the Fusion Pro. However, I prefer the joysticks of the easy Pro Controller. All switches make a high top quality impact and also provide even more resistance when pushing than the typical pro controller, which I like very well. ** Particularly with Rumble-Intensive playing, like Mario Kart or The Binding of Isaac, I really missed out on the Rumble, as I was simply utilized by the Pro Controller.

So it ran Ingame: Initially, I drove some cups in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I needed to obtain utilized to the other joystick, however particularly one was utilized: the per pack. With the prior knowledge that I just most likely to the X trick at Mario Kart, I have actually done that a crawler leg and laid the X switch on it.

“Fusion Pro” controller in the examination versus the Pro Controller.


Handling + Layout.

Considering That the Pro Controller of Nintendo is clearly unfavorable since it is composed just of plastic. There it happens in longer pc gaming sessions that the controller elopes, just when you place in warmed mario kart battles.

Exactly how does the per pack? As soon as you have actually connected the per pack to the back of the controller, it prepares to start and you can designate existing keys to the additional 4 buttons – you have evocative crawler legs.

Since I have quite little hands and short fingers, I could not use the greater joysticks effectively. The much deeper sticks of the Blend Pros were much more positive for me.

The switch does not show this. I would like to examine out the meanwhile, as it is regarding the battery – especially when I plan to leave the home and take the button along with controllers.

Extent of shipment.

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After that you push an existing trick and then the crawler leg, which must keep in mind the trick. For instance, for instance, I took the X secret to designate them to the upper right trick of the per pack. The keys can be re-or in addition be occupied at any moment as well as also Ingame.

I’ll present you to the Gamepad of Powera a lot more closely. I always contrast him with the Pro Controller of Nintendo itself. It is called 59.99 euros vs. 107.77 euros. I get on these facets:.

Because I did not wish to scan a Amiibos or desired, the attribute did not miss me, however you can count it as a negative factor, if you do not wish to pike for his joy-cons to rapidly scan the numbers.

Dry run.

  • Easy to make use of.
  • Additional control by the per pack.
  • Buttons and joysticks respond well, specifically and not time postponed.
  • Added grip with the rubber layer to the manages.
  • Battery maintains what he promises: about 20 hours.
    If you choose to listen to concerning earphones, * Switch over link is useful.

In regular, unwinded video games, the fusion Pro has made no distinction to the Pro Controller.