After Elden Ring, 6 Souls-like to come in 2022 and

If you managed to finish Elden Ring, the now famous Spiritual Suite of Dark Souls in open world, you probably already ask yourself a question: what will be my next challenge? So just for you, we have scared the canvas to find the best Souls-Like who are preparing to land.



In a rather comparable artistic approach to Lies of P, here Steelrising, new French Studio project Spiders (Greedfall, The Technomancer). After the Action-Adventure game in Open World, the team turns to the Souls-like: Directorate a Uchronic Paris , while the 1789 revolution is full. A moment of real story but accompanied by automatutes. The very heroin of the adventure – Aegis – is one, sent by the very famous Queen Marie Antoinette to help the revolutionaries. But King Louis XVI also has its own army. It will therefore be necessary to fight all this beautiful world at the heart of clashes advertised as “demanding” and “particularly nervous”. An original title and which seems very engaging.

  • PC, PS5, Xbox Series
  • June 2022


After the very good Salt and Sanctuary, the studio Ska is back with the direct suite, baptized salt and sacrifice. In this souls-like in 2D, you evolve in a kingdom immersed in the terror after the invasion of the mages . As a marked contribution, your mission will be to face this danger, while a mortal secret threatens to be revealed. The quest is thus simple to understand: kill all the mages. To do this, eight classes are at your disposal (assassin, paladin, warrior, duelist, cleric, fighter, rank and wise) for a game that will be possible to explore alone or in cooperation. Cherry on the cake, a whole dimension, with multi online, PVP elements, PVE and the ability to invoke multiple allies.

  • PC, PS4, PS5
  • 10 May 2022

Bleak Faith Forsaken

Of course, to the extent that Souls-like are very popular, many a little less known developers want to create their own shine. This is particularly the case for Bleak Faith Forsaken, Action-RPG developed by Archangel Studios. The team immediately announces a wide open world to explore **, where it will “run, climb, jump, climb”. On the trailers, we can indeed note a very large universe, where huge creatures shadow of the colossus are underlaking. “The fight is dangerous and will push you to your limits. The position, timing and resource management are all things you need to keep in mind at any time “also writes the studio. In short, as usual, we just wait for surprised.

  • PC
  • 2nd quarter 2022


In the same vein as Bleak Faith Faith Forsaken, there are Thymesia. On this RPG action – you start by knowing the song -, the player embodies Corvus, a human at the head of raven to discover the secrets of a world gnawed by the disease. One of the features that looks very owl: the possibility of flying the powers of the opponents and then reuse them against them. “The power of the disease is the only way to get out living on the sorry kingdom and weighing” can be read on the official website. It also seems to be activated a “super shape”, based on the powers of the raven. All with of course, all the customization side of the genre, to define your own style of play. In short, it seems nice.

  • PC
  • 2022

Lies of P

So that one, we had not seen him coming. Overnight, Lies of P really imposed itself as one of the most promising Souls-like to come. Already for his visuals and his artistic direction, very strong, that would believe in a mix between Bloodborne and Bioshock, and especially for his very original concept: the player embodies the famous Pinocchio, who will have to lie during the phases of dialogue to arrive at his FIND. In the first – and for the moment alone – trailer of gameplay, it is not really this mechanical that is illustrated but the gameplay, which is therefore fully in the kind of souls-like: the good reading of the patterns Adverse will be of paramount importance. In all cases, we can not wait to see more.

  • PC, PS5, Xbox Series

Elden Ring | Сюжет НЕ_Вкратце
* 2023

Black Myth Wukong

Another game that looks excellent and that we had not seen coming black Myth Wukong, action RPG which will allow us to take control of the king of the monkeys, from the well-known fable. What to give life to a very ambitious title, which mixes both the myth and the martial arts on truly exotic background. One would believe a game made by Software in person, Sekiro way. With a gameplay video of 13 minutes of gameplay as early images, the title did not take a long time before exciting fans of the genre. In addition, the project has recently passed under Unreal Engine 5, the latest EPIC Games engine. In short, the game of Game Science promises to be very striking, and we look forward to seeing it again.

  • PC, PS5, Xbox Series
  • 2023

and we do not forget:

  • Lords of the Fallen 2
  • Blasphemous 2


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