Where to find a wolf meat in Lost Ark

There is a misunderstanding of wolf meat in Lost Ark, because you assume that you need to kill a monster to get it, but it is not. Although this meat is well guarded, it is mined from the ground, and not from the monster.

Where to find a wolf meat in Shushire

Wolf meat can be found in the center of the Hill of Gorky Wind on the Continent Shushir. It is located north of the tomb of the dead and south of the sanctuary of the glacial wall. On the map below we celebrated this place. Explore the area close to the trees.

You can get to this place, taking the nearest waypoint and killing wolves on your way. They will follow you to the very place, so do not think that you can overtake them.

Wolf Meat Location - Shushire - Lost Ark
The place of your investigation is guarded by two white wolves, which appear on it from above, so you need to explore it immediately after the murder of wolves. Right-click the wolf meat in your inventory, and your character commenims how it revives it.

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