Wild rift

Minecraft Snapshot 22W15A: Mojang gives power to Warden with totally new and lethal attacks

If at present, players are still discovering the complexities of the caves update in Minecraft, Mojang Studios is already giving us an advance of what this summer will come. Version 1.19 of the game, entitled Wild Update, will allow adding several new elements, including the Deep Dark biome, frogs and tadpoles, or mangrove mangrove variant .

Since April 13, the study added a new snapshot, 22w15a . This focuses mainly on the Warden, the guardian of Deep Dark, and the power he exercises. If it is about fear, the study has made the latter even more powerful, so it will be necessary to be careful.

Minecraft Snapshot 22W15A patch note

New additives of the Snapshot 22W15A

  • Added “when the squadr comes to the city” to get all the variants of frogs
  • Added the advance “Sneak 100” to sneak up close to a Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent you from listening to you
  • A new remote attack was added for the warden.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w15a : Warden Beam !

Warden: Distance Attack

  • If they move high, they hide behind the walls or leave the reach of their powerful body-to-body attack, the Wardens will change to their remote attack: their thoracic boxes are opened to launch a remote attack loaded with sound That can cross the walls.

Changes for face to 22W15A

  • The dark effect was added to the progress “How do we get here?”
  • Repeaters have a natural regeneration of 2 points of blow per second
  • The main menu background now shows a biome of the new update
  • The mud is generated from the surface to the stone in the mangroves

  • Large mangroves are much more common than small mangroves in mangrove swamps
  • The moss carpet is formed over the roots of mangrove trees
  • The traveler merchant sometimes offers new materials for sale
  • The change to the notebooks was reversed that only the wool and the wool carpets could block the sounds
  • The wardens can now feel further
  • The vertical distance to which the Wardens can become infurred against an objective when they detect it now is 20 blocks instead of 6 blocks