FC Schalke 04 takes a sudden coach change

The FC Schalke 04 II continues to play against the descent in the Regionalliga West. The royal blue react to the Jakob Pelphy descent. As the club confirmed on Monday afternoon, coach Torsten Fröhling must take his hat in Gelsenkirchen.

“The U23 is located in the Regionalliga West after six games without victory in the struggle for the class preservation. That’s why we decided to set a new impulse on the boss trainer position,” says Schalke’s young director Mathias Schober in the press release.

Fröhlings Successor will be Jakob Pelph, who so far the U15 team supervised and the second team was supposed to take over in summer.

“We are convinced that with the early change to Jakob pipel, we can create the turnaround and the league blast together,” shattered the step.

FC Schalke 04 II threatens the descent

Fimpel himself also became confident: “I am convinced that we will create the league of league together. We are aware that it will be a great force in which we have to do our best until the last minute. We will be focused on the last minute. Take a new task in the team. “

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Fimpel has been working as a youngest trainer at FC Schalke 04 since 2013. In his previous time at the narrow, the 33-year-old as assistant and video analyst was several junior teams. Now pipes should preserve the FC Schalke II before the descent from the Regionalliga West.

Currently, the royal blue with 32 points in the 15th place. The lead at the first descent rank, where Alemannia Aachen is currently, is only a counter.

Thus, pipes must provide directly with the switcher U23. On Friday evening (19 clock), the royal blue guests at the table connection light VFB Homberg.