Flick gets mini training camp in Dubai

Swinging for the fifth star: In a mini training camp in Dubai, the German national team is to bring the fine cut for their title mission at the World Cup in Qatar. According to a report of the “picture” newspaper, the selection of national coach Hansi Flick will train there from 14 to 17 November there. The German Football Association (DFB) did not want to comment on the message on request.

The DFB-Tross is to live at The Meydan Hotel and in NAD AL Sheba Sports Complexs Complex to the group matches against Japan (23.11.), Spain (27.11.) And Costa Rica or New Zealand (1.12.) Prepare.

First training of Hansi Flick as German head coach in full length

There was Bundesligaist Borussia Dortmund in the winter training camp 2016. A title did not win the BVB afterwards: According to Liga Square Two behind Bayern Munich, the cupfinale was lost against the permanent rivals.

The Sports Complexs Complex offers a football and athletics stadium with a lawn place to FIFA standard as well as another football field, shielded by trees.

There is a “Health Club” with a generous spa area as well as a swimming and power Sports Complex hall. In the “Indoor Stadium” with almost 6000 seats, different indoor Sports Complexs can be exercised. Topstars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Phelps have already trained there.

Flick is important to have its stars after the last Bundesliga match day (11 to 13 November) before the World Cup for a long period of time. Also a test game is still planned. In addition, the World Cup quarters of the German team should be confirmed shortly, as a favorite, the luxurious Zulal Wellness Resort is located in the north of Katar.