Wood foot remains wooden foot: Baumgarts Price for Kilians Tor

A Mainz loan to the 1st FC Cologne was on Saturday to the hero for the Geißbock-Eleven. And as it belongs to a classic hero, he had to suffer first. Because at the 1-0 leadership of the FSV Luca Kilian made the shot of Jonathan Burkardt, which would probably pass either at the gate or had landed at Keeper Marvin Schwäbe, with his fault against the movement of his goalkeeper only correct spicy.

But in the 82nd minute, after his team had made a 2: 2 after a 0: 2, then Kilians came to Kilians: After from the Mainzer Schlüstmann Robin Zentner just renewed header of Salih Özcan dusted the center-back from a short distance to his First gate in the Cologne jersey – at the same time the winner for the Cologne.

Baumgart about “Wooden foot” Kilian and a dinner

“We look forward to” Kili ‘, he had had bad luck in the stiff ball. We said that if the guys do not make things good or make mistakes, even if that was none, they should stay tuned, “Steffen said Baumgart over the 22-year-old, who had still given his Bundesliga debut at the SC Paderborn together with the Cologne Coach and the Kilian would probably also schedule as an integral part of the Cologne squad for the future.

Kilian also had several reasons to joy on Saturday. Because: “The coach owes the whole team to eat a meal, because at some point I said that if he makes a goal, I pay the team a meal. That’s why Congratulations! But Baumgart played on a jesting Title for Kilian, which he had made him recently.

“Good football looks different”

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The game itself considered Baumgart despite the spectacular course from Cologne point of view together with triple point gain rather sober. “I do not think the better team won. The first 60 minutes we were not good in the game, have made many mistakes. With the ballot and the change we come back. That draws the guys. But good football looks different “says Baumgart.

Kilian also looked like this at Sky: “We wanted to do what the fans really wanted to do something, we did not do that in the first half, then we did not become dangerous at all and had no solution.” Only the 1: 2 connection hit then helped that Cologne also played “how freed” (Kilian).

Baumgart: “Salih can not be replaced”

In addition to Kilian, Baumgarts stood especially a player for the turn in the game: Özcan, who last not had to train after Covid-19 infection, but was switched to Mainz in the middle of the second half. “If you see what stability and mentality Salih is on the way – and in most cases even without foul – I would already say that he was a big factor. Since today we realized that he is not to be replaced”, praised the FC coach.