Dying Light 2 will receive a very early function this month

The same thing happened to him as a _ cyberpunk 2077 _, but _ dying light 2 _Tampocro had a very clean release that we say. Since its premiere a couple of months ago, its developers have been implementing several improvements and functions inspired by the feedback of the community, and one of the most requested will finally be reaching the game at the end of this month.

According to Techland , the New Game + mode will be implementing at Dying Light 2 at the end of April as part of the third major update of the title. They have not yet shared many details about it, but it is easy to assume what we can take to this second game and what is not. In addition, this same patch will include “many corrections” for Single-Player mode and for online.

Dying Light 2 Next Big Update Coming This Month | New Game Plus & More ( 2022 )

It is also worth noting that Techland plans to launch several expansions for this game, and some of them could even be considered as a “direct sequel”. Of course, they must first solve all the problems of the base game before thinking about future content, but at least they already have it in mind.

Editor’s note: I think Techland has been doing a great job with the topic of updates, and especially, with communication between study and community. Normally I see team members by sharing relevant information on social networks, and all this will help to make the game a better experience for all.