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As Escape from Tarkov fan, there is nothing worse than impacted by a cheater to a graphics card or, worse, to be brought by someone through a wall. Well, in a new Escape from Tarkov update, the senior developer Nikita Buyanov announced that Battlestate Games has banned just 9,000 cheaters in a single wave from the game.

Buyanov posts on Twitter and says Battlestate “constantly begins to ban waves of cheats,” but that yesterday 9,000 were caught by Battleye – Tarkov’s anti-cheat service. This is a significant number of players in one day and follows re-complaints of community about the state of the game, especially in terms of bosses.

Since January, we had no more spanned-update of Battlestate, as the team admitted that more than 40,000 cheaters were removed in just a few weeks. If you compare the yesterday’s single wave, which grabbed 9,000 players out of the way, will actually be a very interesting picture.

While cheaters usually occur more frequently at the beginning of a wipe cycle, something is clear here. With conversations about the new Lighthouse extension, three new rogue bosses and new features such as NVIDIA DLSS in the future, Battlestate may have been interested in a better awakening – and poorer.

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We are constantly beginning to ban waves of cheats. But yesterday there was a wave I want to say – minus 9000 cheaters. ????

  • Nikita Buyanov (@nikgeneburn) 8. April 2022

One thing is certain – Battlestate continues his war against scammers and that will not stop as soon as possible.