About server recovery of PC version “Dark Souls” series The official is suddenly re-announced-is the source of overseas user?

The From Software re-announced that the game server of the PC version suspended, which is suspended, and the game server of the Series series is currently recovering. Sudden announcement backgrounds may have a few days ago and the speculation that has been being buzzed between overseas users.

About the PC version of the “Dark Souls” series, the presence of “serious and urgent vulnerability that others can execute arbitrary code” in the past was reported. So, on January 23, the From Software reports server pauses, and reporting of problems. On February 9th, it has been reported about the identification of the cause and the server recovery work time.

And it was an announcement this time on April 8th, about two months. About content, there is no new information, including points that “resuming time” is unknown, and previous announcements are linked.

It is a rumor that seems to be related to about 4 days ago and from overseas users. On April 5, Overseas Media The Outer Haven points out that “Multiplayer” tags are “Multiplayer” tag from each STeam store page of the PC version “Dark Souls” series, “(this series) PC server I thought that there seems to be no plan to revive.

After that, since media such as Games Radar + and PC Gamer reported, so because of overseas users, the voice of anxiety is increased. With regard to this matter, the From Software will be an attempt to wipe out the user’s doubts by announcing again.

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In addition, Pledge Times and Reddit reported that the same tag has already been deleted as of January 27, within a week from the official initial announcement.