Too busy with Elden Ring? Dark Souls has been missing a feature for months

Souls fans are just busy stripping through the intermediate country of Elden Ring. Also from software seems to focus on their latest game. Meanwhile, all three dark souls games are still plagued by a big problem.

The Dark Souls games are neglected

In January, fans attended the Publisher Bandai Namco that all three Dark Souls games suffer from a serious exploit . With the help of invasions, hackers were able to take over the PC of other players. The Publisher reacts quickly and switched off the mutlplayer of the three games.

Although the measure should only be temporarily, the multiplayer has not been turned on again . How PC Gamer reports, Bandai Namco secretly adapted the steam descriptions of the games instead. While in the tags, just like Elden Ring, used to specifically online PVP and online co-op, there is now only single players. (Source: PC Gamer / Steam)

What does the disappearance of multiplayer tags on Steam mean

An official explanation of the publisher for the disappearance of multiplayer tags does not exist. It could mean that fans have to wait a lot longer for the return of the online feature. In the worst case you could even be completely abandoned .

However, it is more likely that Bandai Namco does not want to risk, to make misleading advertising for the Dark Souls games . As long as the multiplayer is disabled, the games should not advertise with this feature at least. In the Steam description of Dark Souls: Remastered, however, the online features are still mentioned. (Source: Steam)

Elden Ring Mythology - Connections to Dark Souls and Bloodborne (Shared Universe?)

Both bandai namco and the developer from software are probably still be busy with elden ring . Only recently, one of the dreaded bosses with a patch was first lighter and then more difficult again.