Does the steam deck? Valve, shipping volume increased

The game device of the valve, which has a lot of initial negative evaluation, seems to remain popular than expected.

Steam deck is currently being sold in order to buy purchase resources in some areas. According to the reservation sequence, a predetermined number of users will be sent every week ‘Order’ email. After receiving the mail, users can receive stuff through the actual order procedure.

On April 5, the valve will increase the amount of steam deck delivery in the second quarter through official SNS, and it is expected to send a ‘orderable’ mail to more reserved. The valve said, “Sometimes it may be done twice a week.”

This presentation that will deliver steam decks at a time, the announcement, will be in the meaning of the reserved, and the product is actually purchasing the product, and the additional reserved is also accumulated.

This is a phenomenon in mind when considering the negative evaluation of several media immediately after the launch of the steam deck.

Steam Deck Review: Valve's Handheld Gaming PC Tested!
Steam deck was a negative evaluation after the actual release, unlike the expected pouring in advance. I was able to easily see the response that I could not reach expectations because of the unfinished UI, frequent bugs, and scarce compatibility.

However, users who see positive responses in the out-of-business overseas community are assessing the ‘price performance’ and frequent software updates of steam decks. In addition to the expansion of the valve’s own compatibility game list, the steam deck entity of Microsoft Games Pass Services released on March 19th, also seems to be able to benefit from positive evaluation.