Bielefelds Kramer: A captain in form is always an option

Last summer, he spoke as a freshly tormented team guide on the side of his predecessor Fabian Klos about the vision, with his team Arminia Bielefeld in the new season in addition to the well-known properties also playfully radiate more gloss. This manuel prietl at that time skepticism in his own ranks – meanwhile it has long been clear that it will be decisive “only” the virtues of struggle and deployment that hold the east westphalia over water. And he could no longer embody himself no longer embody in recent weeks.

Prietl causes two penalty


The good news in advance: Prietl is now back and can help. In December, a Covid 19 infection had also thrown him out of the railway, and the violent. As a player who lives from his Physis and has always heard to date to the rider, the 30-year-old had to experience how heavy and lengthy a comeback can fall in the sign of the pandemic. Low point: After his dissolution and then two penalties caused by him recently at the 0: 4 in Mainz, Prietl apologized even publicly for his performance.

The praised increase was now recently at the 1-1 at home against the VfB Stuttgart, where the Austrian again revealed significant trains of what he had once made him one of the ascentherds and a pillar of the team in Bielefeld. Colleague Sebastian Vasiliadis had failed with knee problems in the central midfield, Prietl took over as a defensive part at the side of his compatriot Alessandro. And that satisfactory.

“pillar” prietl

“He gained again in recent weeks, which concerns his physicality, which is important to him,” says Frank Kramer over Prietl. The necessary activity in the game has also increased again. Very much to the joy of the coach, who apparently can build on his actor again. “He has already been a pillar, which we had not actually not available for about three and a half months due to the disease. That’s what you have to say.”

Now Kramer hopes that Prietl becomes a factor in the Bielefelder season end spurt: “His presence and its commands do the game and the team already well. By the way, he also spools a kilometer, as it maybe even Alessandro creature creates, but otherwise not so many. And we just have to march, have to spend extremely much to get to the limit. ” So Prietl has his place back in the team? Naturally, Kramer does not want to look at the VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday, 15.30 clock) at the VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday, 15.30 clock), but: “If I have a captain, which is also good in shape, it is clear that this is always An option is. Everything else would be funny. “