Microsoft Flight Simulator: Local Legends Dornier Do J Wal introduced

If you have missed it last week, then you can see the “Dornier DO J Wal” here, the third aircraft of the “Local Legends” series, which is now available from Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The plane was meticulously rebuilt for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the finest details of both the exterior and inner special attention. Experience this amazing journey through the air in the highest historical loyalty.

Microsoft announces: “The whale completed her first flight on 6 November 1922 and was introduced in 1923. Originally, she was produced by Costruzioni Meccaniche aeronautiche in Pisa, Italy, as the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War, restrictions on aircraft construction in Germany. In 1931 Dornier began building the whale in Germany, but set production in 1936. The plane offered room for up to ten passengers with a three-headed crew. “

Dornier Do J
The Dornier DO J Wal is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-SIM marketplace for $ 14.99. Microsoft wants to introduce other aircraft from the “Local Legends” series in the coming months.