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Dramatic action “Wind Chronoa 1 & 2 Angkor” latest information-Story and character, check the stage

BANDAI Namco Entertainment will be released on July 7 July 7, PLAYSTATION 5 / PLAYSTATION 4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Steam Edition Release Date, “Wind Chronoa” series 25th Anniversary Title Latest information of “Wind Chronoa 1 & 2 Angkor” has been released.

It is the remastered “Wind Chronoa 1 & 2 Encore” of the Masterpiece Action “Wind Chronoa” series, which was first released in “Nintendo Direct” of February 10, “The Wind Chronoa 1 & 2 Encore”, but the 2-piece “Wind Chronoa Door” To Phantomile, “The Wind Chronoa 2-Forgetting World Opportunity”, a story of the story and appearance character stage, and the package content and purchase benefits provided for each store.

# ◆ What is “Wind Chronoa 1 & 2 Angkor”

# # # ■ The breast journey started here.

“The Wind Chronoa” is a horizontal scroll action game of 3D graphics released from Namco in 1997. In the character full of originality and the world view, the main character “Chronoa” travels to the adventure to save the world.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary from the release of the first work of the series Chronoa 1 & 2 Encore, “will be released on July 7 by Nintendosewich! In addition, it also decided to release the PLAYSTATION 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox One / STeam version (PS5 / PS4 / XSX | S / XB1 / STEAM version release date will be released later).

Graphic improves as it is the world view and game potency. The first time is also possible to set up difficulty. Enjoy “Wind Chronoa” that became easy to play with nostalgic memories.
※ This product is a product developed based on the Wii version “Wind Chronoa Door to Phantomile”, PS2 version “Wind Chronoa 2-the World Opportunity” released in 2008 (some specifications it’s different).

■ Simple but deep side scroll action game

The basic action of Chronoa is jumping and windy attack. You can catch enemies in “wind” that jumps to the ring with his hand with his hand. Use the captured enemies to throw towards the enemy, or use the enemies to jump two steps to the scaffold and make it easy to capture various stages!

[Attack with wind]
[Jump Action]

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa Door to Phantomile” Story

# # ■ In the morning, when I woke up, I can not remember the dream that I should see certainly

A long time ago, this “Fantmile” had the energy of the dream that people saw, and there was a legendary “moon country” that created everything around the world. “Fant Miles” was created so far, helping each other, helping each other, and prospered and prospered. Now that there is no Tetsu no Tetsu. “The moon country” that should be called the country of God is just a legend….

Chronoa who lives in the wind village “Bleegal” is a wonderful dream. It’s a dream for forgetting it, but the nightmare of the day remembered that the world is wrapped in darkness.

When waking up, the air boat crashed on the village hill and the bell at the top rang. It is the same sight as the dream you saw Chronoa. Aiming for the hill with the “Hupo” of the ring from her little arrogant, when you aim at the hill, there will be a place where the Diva Refice with the power to play the world is captured in a dark king Gadius.

Chronoa and Hupo have stopped traveling to the adventure that runs Fant Miles to stop Gadius’s plan.

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa Door to Phantomile” appearance character

■ Chronoa

A curiosity boy who lives in the wind village “Breegal”. He can handle winds with a long ear, shoot wind, and to handle winds a little.

■ Hugh Po

One day suddenly, the spirit of the ring that has fallen from the sky. The best friend who is the most trusted by Chronoa. He usually contains the ring and amplifies the wind power of Chronoa and helps adventure.

# # ■ Dark king Guadius

A king of the darkness that was defeated by the light and dark war and darkness, and was frosted and trapped. He is trying to revenge the people who sealed himself by changing Fantmiles into the world of nightmare. He is filled with a puppet that produces a nightmare energy crystal “nightmare seed” by itself and directs it to the chronoa.

# # ■ Joker

It is a faithful part of Gadius and struggles to be recognized, but it is also possible to take out-of-eared action…. He is a tension that lets you fight the created phantom beast of Gadius, but at that time, the advice given to the phantom beast will be a battle hint.

# # ■ Diva Refice

A legendary diva that can sing a “song of play” that can be made by the world. She once she was captured by Gadius, she flew on the flying boat with a pendant of the moon. She is she crashed in “bell hills” she in the wind village and she will fall in the hand of Gadius again.

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa Door to Phantomile” Stage Introduction

The game is 18 stages. The device and enemies appearing by the stage are different. Take different gimmics different for each stage and adventure the World Miles.

■ ■ Wind village Brigal

The wind village Brewal where Chronoa lives. There is a large wind car in the center of the village, and the villagers live using their wind. The village has a mining that can be mined to light, and there is a bell that sounds on the top, and the bell that sounds by “the wind of the time” blowing in the summit. Stone processing using the technology that blows the wind is famous, and the image of the diva law on the village cliff was made with that technology.

# # ■ Wood village for lock

At the center of this village, Oki rises, and there is a large gear that has a large gear that lives on top of it. Below that, the trees are soothing that they are protected by the large trees, and it is a residence of villagers. As you can walk from a tree to trees, their own transportation measures have been developed using rich materials and plants, etc.. Villages such as gondola and trocco present in other villages and countries, leak bridges in the wind village were also made with their technology.

# # ■ Water kingdom Jugpot

Jugpot, which is the only kingdom that sends water to the entire fant miles. There is a castle of shell with a large water wheel, and as long as this water wheel continues to go around, water is said to spread infinitely from this country. Falls in the wind village are also a water source, and the greenery of the tree village is also rich in this kingdom water. Stone columns and balustrade in the water country are those in the wind village.

# # ■ Sun temple colonia

Temple floating in the empty sky. There is no means to connect the temple and the earth, so there is no one to be disposed, and it is also a mystery for the people of Fantmiles. There are altars that solve the seal of the country of the moon here. The life of the lives of the priests who live in Colonia are growing with the energy of dreams and carry around the world. Although it was sent to this eggplane, scratched or wounded substance, and sent to a nightmare, there are people who spilled and saved on the way.

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa 2-World Opportunity ~” Story

# # ■ I forgot my dream or a dream forgot me, and there was still a dream

The world “Lunatia” is kept in harmony with the power of “four bells”. The 5th bell “Dark Bell” was born in the Lunatia, and dark clouds were trying to stand in the world.

The Bagji, the best prophet of Lunatiia, is this.

“When the sea of the 泪, the black traveler who dreams will save the world. The power of that ring…, the power of the ring brings the world to the world”

One day, Chronoa who has fallen into the Runatian storm sea. It was the Lunatian maiden “Lolo” and her buddy “popca” that looked into the face of Chronoa lying on the coast. Chronoa is called “a dreaming black traveler” from two people of the first meeting, and it is asked to save together the unusual world.

Three people were traveled to save the world from the dark, unknown World Lunatia.

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa 2-The World Opportunity ~” appeared character

■ Chronoa

It is called “a dreaming black traveler” in different world , and to be caught in an adventure that puts out the world’s fitness in an unknown.

# # ■ Loro

A girl who meets Chronoa in the sea of 泪. She aims to be a maiden responsible for the harmony of the world, but it is only falling in her maiden test. She still works hard, hard to work hard.

■ Popca

Loro’s service and self-occurrence. Her mouth is bad and the character is forced to be forced and I’m not a good buddy, but still a bad guy who still thinks about Lolo.

■ Leolina

A woman savor that aims for chronoa rings. She is going to be chaotic in the world by waking up the . She is cold and cunning. She follows the tat or phantom beast, and I can pinch chronoa several times.

■ Tat

Use about Leolina. She is a hilarious woman (?) And she a little bit. She is a Leolina’s order she often appears in front of Chronoa, she causes confusion.

# ◆ “Wind Chronoa 2-The World Opportunity ~” Stage Introduction

The game is all 24 stages. Basic action operation jumped into a cannon “Fedon” as it is, and a step to run through the sky and a step to slide using the “float board”.

# # ■ La Lacsha in peace

A gentle and peaceful country that serves a goddess Claire. In the middle of the approach that follows Claire Moha Temple, the mountain Moha Temple has a huge mushroom-growing Hikaridake cave, and the caves are floating with mysterious light.

# # ■ Joyland of joy

The whole country is a huge theme park, a cheerful and fun country. The Joyland’s large amusement park is a lot of attractions such as circus huts and roller coasters! But to pursue the fun, there are only dangerous things in the hall.

Wind and Cloud II Episode 30 FINAL English Sub

# # ■ Anger country borque

A dangerous country that is only war. It is too much war, and there are few people who are fighting for what. A huge furnace and factory are lined up in the progressing city of Lunatiia.

# # ■ Madai Country Mira Mira

A closed country that has been closed to snow and ice. Rustic and quiet people live, and it is beautiful, but I will receive a lonely impression. Also, in the city of Mira Mira, a quiet festival that prays for tomorrow is done all year round.

◆ Download version Digital Deluxe Edition

■『風のクロノア 1&2アンコール』Digital Deluxe Edition

  1. ゲーム本編
    スイッチ/PS5/PS4/XSX|S/XB1版『風のクロノア 1&2アンコール』本編
  2. デジタルアートブック
  3. サウンドトラック
  4. 衣装DLC「ジョーカー&タット」の仮面セット

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※衣装DLC「ジョーカー&タット」の仮面セットの「ジョーカーの仮面」は『風のクロノア door to phantomile』で着せ替え可能。「タットの仮面」は『風のクロノア2 ~世界が望んだ忘れもの~』で着せ替え可能となります。

◆パッケージ版限定 アソビストア特装版

■『風のクロノア 1&2アンコール』アソビストア特装版

  1. パッケージ版『風のクロノア 1&2アンコール』本編
  2. 風のクロノア ビジュアルアートブック
  3. 風のクロノア サウンドトラックセット
  4. 衣装DLC「ジョーカー&タット」の仮面セット
  5. オリジナルグラスセット
  6. オリジナルステッカー

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※衣装DLC「ジョーカー&タット」の仮面セットの「ジョーカーの仮面」は『風のクロノア door to phantomile』で着せ替え可能。「タットの仮面」は『風のクロノア2 ~世界が望んだ忘れもの~』で着せ替え可能となります。


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『風のクロノア door to phantomile』と『風のクロノア2 ~世界が望んだ忘れもの~』のクロノアの衣装を互いに着せ替えて遊ぶことができる衣装セット。

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