Starfield: The players will freak out loud lead designer

Emil Pagliarulo is Design Director at Bethesda Game Studios. He is also Lead Designer and author at the new roleplay Starfield, which appears exclusively for Xbox and PC on November 11, 2022.

An interview with Pagliarulo, which is nearly 20 years in the company, has now been published on the publisher’s website.

In the detailed interview, Pagliarulo talks about stations of his career at which game he had first worked or about how a typical working day looks like with Starfield.

With Starfield, Pagliarulo works at about very special. Finally, it’s the first new game brand of Bethesda for 20 years. The development is chaotic, as he tells. However, when the different systems for Starfield came together for the first time, went online and took the vision design, which was really special, with which he thought that the players were freaking out.

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“To say that you make the first new IP of the studio in twenty years, that’s 1. It’s really to do it is another story. It’s so awe to see as much as Starfield turns pieces into this great game and we enter so much new ground. There is a point at work at a game where it’s just pure chaos, especially in the early phase, because – Attention, here is something new – game development is now. But then you come to a point where the systems are slowly going online, and the things begin to work well and to accept shape, and you see how everything shapes to the vision you had when this crazy journey started. When that happened to Starfield for the first time, that was really like that: “Oh. Oh, Wow. Yes. That’s… really something special. The players will freak out. “Now we just have to do it!”

The complete interview is available at Bethesda.net.