[Genuine] Last 1 year, April Fools Day Games News Top 5

※ [[Genui] is a corner that sets a different theme every week, and introduces a game, character, event, etc.

April Fool’s Day is one year. Depending on the culture, the date is slightly different, and Global Krol is April 1. Because it believes as a lie if this is a surprise, it is a lie, and the company will be done by avoiding this day. Anyway, only a day of 365 days, as long as it is only a day, this day is for most of the lies to be pleased with pleasure.

By the way, the game industry was the game industry last 1 year, The word “I often came out often. It is a realistic event that the new April Fool‘s Day is nothing to hold by a quarterly quarter. In fact, in the admission of a reporter who writes news, I am three times three times, but readers read the readers. I gathered the game news TOP 5 for the last one year, which was more lied than a few days a lie. Perhaps a year ago, if you read this article, you would have been criticized for a real sense of reality.

TOP 5. Graphics card price right with ceiling

Recently, I was a little sagged, but the graphics card prices for the past year were peaked. In particular, the average price of the RTX 3090 graphics card was soared to 4 million won. So, in the past, the ‘gaming notebook’, which was called the worst was the worst, was initiated by rapidly attention, and I also had a world’s largest household appliance exposition CES 2022.

Oh, fortunately, since last summer, the bubble is slightly falling and the present is a lot stabilized. Of course, even if it is stabilized, the old level is not absolute, but it is not a fuzzy, and now the price looks like a teacher. Then, as the same theme, the same year, the April Fool’s Day [Genui] was also included in the prices of graphics cards. Please do not see here next year!

TOP 4. Battlefield 2042 and GTA trilogue was Mangjim

The expectations that have been cheers from gamers have revealed the inverted charm with ‘Mango’, which does not believe. The Battlefield 2042, which was the first announcement of the time of being on the airplane on the time of the day, Nine years ago, I was thoroughly thoroughly ruined with four games. Among the GTA series, a trilogy remaster who tied up the 3D early three works praised as a masterpiece was also a new generation that is not believed. Now the Call of Duty, which is handled by the West of Woozhou: Vivid for Vanguard is a bonus.

In fact, until this game, the evaluation would not be so good that the assessment would not be good. Since then, people began to attach alias to them, and since then, Rock Star has not been able to eat anymore, “the company that can not eat any concerns, and the Activision,” Wozen and Immersion “and EA were tagged with the ‘Battlefield Eat Eat All’. This year, please leave this tag and want my normal game.

TOP 3. Hay, Chu Laiyu Rai! Two Yooroorist arcs?

In 2017, the Player Nouns Battle Ground has achieved the first place in the past and the first place in the steam, and the K-Games. Since then, another Global K-Game Hitup appeared, so I will be the last ark of Mokoko. The Roast Arc, who started global services through the Amazon and the steam, has recorded the Team of K-MMORPG, and the sector is different, but the sector is different, but squid games, Kingdom, BTS, He reached the level of side by side.

Thanks to it, the landscape that was difficult to imagine in the old days. Overseas famous game broadcasters play Lost Arc, or North American gamers are actively discussed in the Rost Arc Forum, and the Rost Arc Cosplay of foreign cosplayers appears, and is pouring from various parody and secondary creation. Now let’s look at it if you meet a foreigner. “Two Yuno Roast Arc?”

Attempting To Break The Record For

TOP 2. Is the Activision Bleezad acquired? To MS?

Everything was like a lie. In the PC Games industry, a top class, which is a top class class, which is to be sold, and it was also really a dream to go to the supernatural dinosaur called MS. The best Big Dill, the best Big deal, which is the best Big Dill, Diablo and Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. are on the Xbox Games Pass. If you talked about this last year, you will not be an exaggeration even if you heard that your imagination was poor.

Personally, the shock of the evening on January 18, which has been tried on the news, is vivid. After finishing the work to eat and finish the dinner, I was finished on the bed after I finished it on the bed, and I turned off the smartphone to see the game out of the game, and the phrase “Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard” passed and passed. At first I doubted whether I do not know what I do not know in Acquire (acquiring, acquiring), and I doubt that today was a April Fool’s Day, and then this news was doubtful. The official site announcement reports that this would be hacked. Maybe that day, all the gamers all over the world will have this experience.

TOP 1. McCryloaded by Name

Following the second place, the first place is the news of Blizzard. Looking at the scale, you can look a little small, and it’s a lie that was like a lie. It is the name of the Overwatch Hero ‘McCree’. It is an online game, and the character may be removed or deleted, and it is not possible to change the name. But it was because the renamation of McCree was shocking, because the reason for the renaming is not the game in which the game is not in the intercourse. It is the ‘Blizzard In-house sexual event’.

A Blegald’s employees who were the owner of the name of the name of the name of the name of the name of the mouth was shared as a shameful sexuality, and it was dismissed from Blizzard, and the work to erase his traces in the game. As a result, Mac Kri was a fact that the name that was written was now, and it was a set of settings that he became a collection of his real name Call Caucay. These renovations are unprecedented in the East and West of the East and West. Blizzard announced that the real problem is not to do the name of the game character based on the existence of the existence.