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“Sumabra” Tai Beast People Fight Fighting Action “Rival 2” announced. Equipped with new action such as shielding and grabbing

Developer’s Aether Studios announced the battle fighting game “ Rivals 2 ” on April 2. Corresponding platforms have not been revealed so far, but they have been reported as “I want to release as many platforms as possible”. The release date is scheduled for 2024. This work is the sequel to the 2D battlefight game “Rivals of Aether” officially released in 2017.

“Rivals 2” is a match action game that fights animal characters and fights. The player operates a character such as a lion, a frog, a bird, and will make a battle while using various actions. 2D Pixel Art I’m going to hit the previous work, changing, and I’m expressing stages and characters in 3D in this work. A battle of “large scuffle smash Brothers” wind is unfolded and blowing off the other party.

In this work, shield appears as a new action. It is easy to handle for beginners and will be introduced to increase the choice of counter. In addition, gripping attacks are also added as a countermeasure against the shield. In addition, cliffs that can be raised at the stage end are also introduced. Also, HitFalling techniques are also alive.

Paris continues to be available. Since Paris trigger is a bit slow, Paris at “Rival 2” seems to be required to read the other party’s movement more. The slower the trigger of Paris, it will not be the best countermeasure against shield pressure (attacks on shields and pulling out a letter of attitude to lettrep). However, if you activate Paryi, it seems that you can reflect the launch and stain the enemy. On the other hand, techniques such as Whifflag and L-CANCELING are abolished. Besides this, FAQs for many techniques are described on the official page.

Business models about the game are not clear at this time, and it would be unknown whether it will be a basic playful software that will be buying software. As a development team, it seems to be exploring various business models. Also, you will start MOD support after releases. Custom colors that were possible with “Rivals of Aether” are expected to not be installed due to technical issues and incompatibility with new art styles.

For the installation of single player content, “can be done”. As a development team, the single player mode will be designed to bring a new experience to the competitive game genre. As a development, the battle mode is prioritized, while the team is also working hard for single play development. I would like to create a single player experience that a beginner will help to enter hardcore competition scenes.

“Rivals 2” will be released in 2024. “I want to release as many platforms as possible”.