BVB | Tedesco Wights Haaland: He will play

Trainer Domenico Tedesco From the Football Bundesligaes RB Leipzig prepares for the top game at Borussia Dortmund on a use of the battered star door Erling Haaland before – although the BVB itself is strongly doubtful.

“We plan that he plays, and he will play too. We do not have to talk about it,” Tedesco said on Thursday: “That’s a top game. Not only for us, also for you. Everything is put on it He plays – and he will play. So we prepare it. “

Previously, BVB coach Marco Rose declared that the Norwegian was “very questionable” for the game on Saturday (18.30 / SKY).

Haaland had been replaced on Tuesday at the international match against Armenia (9: 0) after numerous fouls injured. “He’s completely kinked completely, the foot is swollen, thick and blue,” says Rose.

Despite this fact, Tedesco wants to be prepared for all eventualities.

“If we assume that he does not play, and then he plays, it’s a bit negative and bad,” he said, “If he did not play, then he does not play. I understand the topic, I understand the topic, I understand the Personalism. But still it is like this: Dortmund is not just Haaland. Since I could now query six, seven in the offensive area, which we also think. “

In the defense of Haalands, according to Tedesco, the entire team must help. The 21-year-old is only to be braked, “by standing well as a team by starting good, pressing well,” says the coach: “And by trying not to give the player’s necessary depth. His strengths are known. He likes to attack the depth, he is traveling quickly and hazardous in the counter game. “