YouTube allows you to see more than one thousand 500 movies and free series

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Even though YouTube Originals closed its doors earlier this month, this platform continues to offer various series and movies, although the vast majority of them have a cost of income. But interestingly, YouTube made the decision to add more than a thousand 500 series and movies to your catalog, although it will not be very easy to find them.

According to portal information Mashable , at the time of writing there is no way to know what these series and free movies are available at YouTube . It happens that, according to your preferences, the site will give you a series of recommendations with some productions that you can enjoy at no cost. In fact, not even in the “Movies and TV programs” section it is possible to filter the content to show you only one that is free.

Why is this so rare decision? YouTube explains it by the following message:

“YouTube is personalized for users, so instead of seeing the entire library at a time, users see selections for them. Once they begin to look, or when new titles come or leave, the composition of the selection will change. “

So whoever wants to explore all the movies and series that are freely available at YouTube , should be prepared to invest a good amount of time to this whole process.

Editor’s Note: It makes sense that YouTube also wants to promote pay content, but not being able to allow the user to navigate freely by the free content I am a terrible decision. Surely that in the future, someone will be in charge of telling us what all the free productions found on the platform are.