Stroot has surprising plans with Ewa Pajor

The interest is pleasingly large on the quarter-final return match of the Champions League against the FC Arsenal, which is the German Vice-Kaster of the previous year on Thursday (18.45, live! At German Vice-Kaster) in the Volkswagen Arena. “It is very important to play in the big arenas,” says goalkeeper Almuth’s training, “the spectators Lechzen after that the Champions League is now raised.”

And even the sports the starting situation is right: In the first leg in London, the VfL had a 1-1 dusted the Vfizemeister in the previous week and was even in the lead shortly before the end. On Thursday, Champions League winner of 2013 and 2014 will be able to move into the semifinals again. In the previous year, the Wolfsburg fell in the quarterfinals on FC Chelsea. “We are extremely happy to play in the arena and want to make sure the game will become an unforgettable experience,” says Tommy Stroot.

STROOT has almost free selection

The VfL coach is available to the locked Joelle Wedemeyer and the long-term injured Pia-Sophie Wolter (Crossbandriss) all players of his squad available. “That’s a big plus,” says the coach. Surprisingly, Ewa Pajor will sit on the bench on Thursday. The Polish national player had no longer been able to play for October because of a knee surgery. Stroot: “She’s an additional possibility we have. Ewa burns, we do not want to brake them, but are still careful.”

It is an additional possibility we have. Ewa burns, we do not want to brake them, but are still careful. “

Tommy Stroot

Ewa Pajor ● One Love One Goal ● HD

After the highlight follows the top game against Bavaria

The general rehearsal before the return match against Arsenal had successfully completed the VFL last Saturday at 4: 1 success in Frankfurt. On Sunday, the next top match follows when Master Bayern Munich is the probably preliminary encounter for the championship in Wolfsburg. The game is then held again in the small AOK stadium.