Naver ↔ Darwin Broker, Real Estate Sale DB

Existing operators and start-up conflicts surrounding the real estate mediation market are deeper.

According to the 31st related industry, Naver filed a lawsuit against ‘Darwin Broker’, a real estate mediation platform. That’s why Darwin brokerage has been using the Mountain Information of Naver Real Estate.

Darwin brokers are providing outlinks to Naver real estate from Darwin brokerage sites so that their site visitors can be broking to Naver real estate magic. In this section, Naver is an infringement of database volume, such as Darwin brokerage information, such as Darwin brokerage information.

Darwin Broker said, “Currently, real estate brokers are becoming a joint brokerage of the seller’s intermediary and the number of copies of the Buyer’s intermediary.” “Only interfaces are provided to connect to the seller-side brokers” and refuted.

Furthermore, Darwin Broking is a position that Naver raised a unreasonable lawsuit against a startup by succumbing to the protest of the Advertisement Corporate Brokers Association and Some Brokers. When a certified brokers are exposed to Darwin brokerage, the customers can move to Darwin brokerage, if the customers are exposed to Darwin brokerage. It is pointed out that it encourages Darwin to comply with Naver on the authorized brokerage.

Darwin Brokerage, Kim Seok-hwan, said, “Any information of Naver real estate has never been saved in our database. Only the area, layer, price information for providing only co-intermediary interfaces, and showed a link to the ‘Naver real estate’, and to see the link to Naver, “and the” Naver claimed to raise a lawsuit on this curation service compared to the information of all sites and services.

Darwin Realestate fly over

“The lawsuit of Naver is suspicious whether it is not due to the protests and pressure of the Certified Brokers Association.”

Naver said, “Naver has spent a statement that demanded illegal crawling on Darwin, but not corrected, but it is not corrected, and in January of this year, Naver, “I applied” for the prohibited or equivalent “application” based on the violation of the copyright laws due to the infringement of the property of our property, and a violation of the protection of negative competitors due to our performance. “

Darwin Broker has been treated three times from the Certified Broker Association last year, and the prosecution was accused of prosecution. In addition, the sponsors have been written by the advertisement model as an advertising model, and the brokers have been in the advertisement on the broadcasting programs that are carried out.

Launches and traditional real estate brokerage markets that attempt to innovate real estate mediation market as well as Darwin brokerage market innovation. This Naver and Darwin brokerage legal works are also interpreted as a extension of such confrontation, and the results are expected to have industry attention.