Wow Patch 9.2.5: Spoiler! New story and quest series for blood elves

DataMiners have recently found that lower town and the Tirisfal area with Wow Patch 9.2.5 get a new card . There is also evidence of a quest series that plays in the area around the former capital of the undead. It seems that there will be a new beginning for Calia Menethil and the abandoned.

It is also possible that all peoples get a quest series in the near future, which serve as a kind of preparation for the upcoming changes of Azeroth. Specifically, this means that the classic areas such as Quel’Thalas, Tirisfal, the Azuranythos Islands and many other parts of Azeroth are revised from scratch and adapted to the new story.

New quest series for blood elves in patch 9.2.5

While we can only speculate about it that the undead with patch 9.2.5 get a new scenario, the blood eleven can actually look forward to a new quest series. The heroes of Sin’Dorei are called to silver moon to help their brothers and sisters in the fight against the scourge. The quest series starts in Oribos at Lady LiDrin and is only available to the maximum speed at maximum level.

New mount for the virtual stable

We tested the story part of the new blood solf quest series on the PTR server today and summarized the exciting parts for you. The dialogues have not been translated into German yet and finally we got no reward.

Blood Elf Questline in Patch 9.2.5

However, we suspect that the green falconizer , which was recently discovered by DataMiners, is presented to the turnout as thanks. At least the description from the Riding Journal speaks for this:

IN Defense of the Ghostlands, Even the Elusive Green Hawkstriders Came to the Effort.
Wow Patch 9.2.5: Spoiler! New story and quest series for blood elves (1) Source: WOWHEAD The green falcon spurs shares the same model with the already known quick green falconizer . However, the new colorful bird does not wear armor.

New chic uniform for bloodrites

Wow Patch 9.2.5: Spoiler! New Story and Quest Series for Blood Elves (2) Source: Wowhead Blood Elf Paladine get an extra sausage at the end of the quest series! The bloodritters may look forward to another reward. This comes in the form of a transmog outfit that fits perfectly with the new ornate of the bloodritter in silver moon. At the moment, however, the Paladine on the PTR server only get two Transmog Items: Blood Knight’s Dedication Helmet and Blood Knight’s Dedication Belt. We assume that it does not stay with these two items and blizzard uses us on the live Sever later the complete set. The armor is a recolor of the Iconic Paladin Animal Sets from Antorus (WOW: Legion).

The call of the matriarica

As already mentioned, the quest series starts with called from the matriarch on the outer ring of Oribos at Lady LiDrin. The matriarch of the bloodritery is located near the portals to the capitals Orgrimmar and StormWind. Lady Liadrin asks the blood solving hero for help. We should return to Silvermond as soon as possible to participate in an important meeting.

In silver moon, we live an important meeting The leader of Sin’Dorei. Lordregent Lor’Themar Theron, Erzmagier Aethas Sonnenhäscher and Großmagister Rommath advise on how they can fight the scourge in the ghostlands. In the sanctuary of the bloodritters, we finally learn that the undead in the death fortress awakens.
The leader of the blood elves advise in silver moon, as they can fight back the new invasion of the scourge in Tristessa. Source: quest

_Lor’themar: Thesis Reports Are Alarming, Lady LiDrin. Tranquilien is in Danger of Being Overrun by Scourge?
Aethas: Their Forces Appear Far Too Organized for This to Be Some Random Attack.
Aethas: Perhaps WE Should Request Additional Aid from Our Horde Allies.
Rommath: And Waste More Time Awaiting Their Arrival? No. WE Must Address This at Once.
LiDrin: Then We Most Call Up Those Still in Training. We Will Hold The Line and Keep Quel’Thalas Safe. I SWAR IT.
Rommath: Very Well. I want Open The Way and Meet You in Tranquilien.

Lor’Themar: Lady LiDrin… Are You Sure About Bringing Up Trainees to Fight? This is no Mere Training Exercise.
Lashrin: I Am. You Will Find Their Skills Are More Than Adequate, But i Shall Let Their Performance Prove It. They are ready.
Lor’Themar: I Look Forward to Good News, Then. May The Eternal Sun Guide You, Liadrin.
Salandria: Ugh – Finally! It Feels AS If’ve Been in Training For Ages. Send Me to Tranquilien!
LiDrin: Salandria… This Will Be No Easy Task. More Will be Expected of You Than Any Other.

Salandria: Then I Should Prove Myself, Right? You’s Said It Yourself – We’ll Hold The Line and Keep Quel’Thalas Safe. I Intend To Do Just That! _

At the end of the meeting, Lady Lashadrin proposes that we will all be with one of her apprentices. Your name is Salandria. Most players will know the young blood elf as orphant of the children’s weeks . The matriarch adopted Salandria a long time ago and formed it out. Salandria is extremely pleased that she can prove to fight for the first time. Page 1 The pride of Sin’Dorei Page 2 The revenge of the San’Layn Page 3 Victory celebration in silver moon Page 4Pictures Gallery for Wow Patch 9.2.5: Spoiler! New quest series for blood elves Next page Next page Next page To the gallery to the homepage