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New MMORPG “Avavel Light” New Content “Advent Dungeon” appeared! Collect medals and UP character status up! ~ GET further strength! Weapons Rank ★ 35 also appeared ~

Asobimo Co., Ltd. makes a new content “Advent dungeon” that can challenge the dungeon set in various hierarchies of the main tower at the MMORPG “Avavel Light” compatible with cross-plat footing, implementing the new content “Advent dungeon” on March 28, 2022 I knew that I did.

Asobimo Co., Ltd. is a new content “Advent dungeon”, which can challenge the dungeon set in his MMORPG “Avavel Light” compatible with cross platform, March 28, 2022 (Mon. Implemented. Collecting a dedicated medal can obtain status points and skill points that help foster characters. In addition, the upper limit of the armor rank was released to ★ 35. You can enjoy the adventure in the world of “Avavel Light” with more powerful weapons.

# Collect medals and strengthen characters! New Content “Advent Dungeon” appeared

“Advent dungeon” is a new content that can challenge the dungeon set in the central and main tower hierarchy of the adventure.

Collecting a dedicated medal to drop from a monster in the dungeon can be obtained by a status point or skill point that is essential for the development of characters.

Because powerful boss monsters are rarely emerged, you can capture more efficiently with the challenge with friends. We will also implement “Advent dungeon” dedicated to high difficulty and guild with future updates.

In addition, to challenge “Advent dungeon”, it is necessary to have an item “000 memory” corresponding to each hierarchy. You can collect the required material and give it to “Item Production Melia”.

# Release the upper limit of the armor rank ★ 35

★ The upper limit of the armor rank that was up to 30 released to ★ 35. As the rank goes up, the armor performance is improved and further strength is obtained.

You can raise the upper limit of the armor rank by collecting the necessary material and passing it to the blacksmith or producing.

# Game introduction

“Avabel Light” is the main “MMORPG” in the main “friendly community and cooperative play between users.

It is also recommended for MMO beginners, such as a gentle design that can easily play and sell equipment and items, etc.

# Download URL

Google Play: https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = com.asobimo.avabel_lite

App Store: https: //apps.apple.com/app/avabel-lite/id1594530421

Pc: https://www.avabel-lite.com/pc/dl/

# Game Overview

Title: Avabel Light (English Signage: Avabel Lite) Genre: Everybody get along MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free: Android / iOS / PC Distribution: All World Langay Languages: English-English Official Site: HTTPS: //www.avabel -lite.com/ Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/avabellite Official Line: https: //page.line.me/427xjwvl