Half-Life, Resident Evil & Co: 13 Games forbidden in Germany

Meanwhile, only relatively few games land on the index, more than 10 years ago, that looked very different. The following 13 games were still on the black list until a few years ago, but have been deleted from the index.

13 games painted by the index

The Federal Center for Children and Media Protection, short BZKJ (formerly BPJM and BPJS), is intended to protect young people from dangerous and dangerous content that they can affect in their development. In their area of ​​responsibility, all media fall, including video games.

As part of a review, the Authority decides whether a video game in Germany is approved or indexed due to certain properties. Depending on the classification, this can mean that the game in Germany can not be sold or may be advertised.

But German gamers know the problem: some indexing decisions act pretty exaggerated. All the better, if we can show you in the lower picture range 13 video games that have left the index now.

Never Before Seen - Resident Evil Games
At that time in Germany banned today legal. Many games have left the index, as the assessment of video games over the years has changed. But there are many other index games waiting for your return. And certain games that would rather stay there for the next 20 years.