4K TV: 65 inch QLED TV signed only today as never with MediaMarkt [Display]

In the daily offer at MediaMarkt, there is today the 4K television Hisense QLED A79GQ with 65 inches for only 599 euros. According to comparison platforms, this is the cheapest price for the model so far, but only since February in Germany is available. But also the very similar and already 2021 Hisense A7GQ, according to Idealo, has never been so favorable. The (a little high) recommended retail price is 1,099 euros. Here you come to the deal:

Hisense 65A79GQ for 599 € (RRP: 1,099 €) Now at Mediamarkt

How good is the Hisense QLED A79GQ?

Image: The Hisense QLED A79GQ is a variant of the 2021 published 4K TV Hisense A7GQ. He offers a high picture quality for its price. Alone through the use of the QLED technology, which ensures better color representation, you get more than you can expect with such a favorable UHD TV. But one or the other compromise you have to go in naturally. Thus, the peak brightness is relatively low, which is why HDR can not be exploited so well.

Gaming: Correct HDMI 2.1 does not get to your Hisense QLED A79GQ, as the TV has only a 60 Hz display. 4K 120 FPS therefore does not exist with the PS5 or Xbox Series X. The other typical HDMI 2.1 features VRR (variable refresh rate), Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode) and Earc are there. Unfortunately, there are no accurate data to INPUT, but he is likely to lie with around 14 ms as the A7GQ, which is a good value for gaming.

Operating system: The Hisense A79GQ uses Hisenses in-house operating system VIDAA U. This is stable and is quite comfortable to operate. It also supports most major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. As big as an Android TV, the app selection is not. For some services you have to avoid an external device, such as a console or a Amazon Fire TV Stick , or on the integrated web browser.

Hisense 65A79GQ for 599 € (RRP: 1,099 €) Now at Mediamarkt

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