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4K TVs on offer: TVs up to 75 inches now in the Medion Black Week Sale [advert]

As Black Week, you usually call the week in November, where the Black Friday Sales take place. However, the Medion Shop does not take care of such details and just organizes a Black Week Sale at the end of March. In this, in addition to other technology deals such as laptops, monitors and desktop PCs, TV is also cheaper. A total of 20 models are available, most of them of 4K TVs. Here you will find the overview:

Medion Black Week Sale: TV, laptops and more on offer

Cheap B-Ware offers

Particularly favorable in the SALE are those televisions that are B-goods. Probably the best price-performance ratio offers here the 4K TV Medion Life X15092 with 50 inches you can already get for 299.95 euros. This is not only extremely favorable for its size (normal price as a new product: 429.95 euros), it is also qualitatively a stage about many other medion models, among other things due to a slightly higher peak brightness and better speakers.

Interesting is also the Medion Life X17575 with 75 inches. This is currently available as a new product for 919.95 euros instead of 999.95 euros, as B-Ware he costs in the Black Week Sale but only 749.95 euros. Here is a small selection of B-Ware offerings from the TV range:

  • Medion Life X15092 (4K, 50 inches) for 299,95 €
  • Medion Life X17575 (4K, 75 inches) for 749,95 €
  • Medion Life X15850 (4K, 58 inches) for 399,95 €
  • Medion Life X15005 (4K, 50 inches) for € 349.95

Dit is de beste betaalbare 4K-TV

B-goods are devices that are no longer in their original packaging or whose packaging is damaged. According to Medion, the devices can have small signs of use, but they were checked and work properly.

More TV offers

If you do not feel like B-merchandise, you can also get new goods cheaper in Black Week Sale. For the top recommended Medion Life X15092 with 50 inches, for example, you pay 333 euros, which is still a fairly favorable price. Here some examples:

  • Medion Life X15092 (4K, 50 inches) instead of 429,95 € for 333 €
  • Medion Life X14312 (4K, 43 inches) instead of 389,95 € for 319.95 €
  • Medion Life X15850 (4K, 58 inches) instead of 549,95 € for € 479.95
  • Medion Life X15005 (4K, 50 inches) instead of 449,95 € for € 369.95

What can you expect from the Medion TVs?

Image: Despite some different differences in quality, all Medion TVs in the Black Week Sale are low-budget TVs. For your price, they offer a at least decent, sometimes even pretty good picture. This applies in particular to models such as the X15092, X15850 and X15005, which have a fairly good contrast. With more expensive televisions, you can still not keep up due to your relatively low top brightness.

Gaming: Unfortunately, we have no test data for input to the mentioned Medion TVs. Other Current Medion TVs, however, should be below 20 ms in gaming mode. We would therefore expect a not particularly low, but for the gaming at least tolerable input delay. With features like VRR, Allm or even HDMI 2.1 you can not count on. The latter would also use little because the TVs only have 60 Hz displays and thus gaming with 4k 120 fps is therefore not possible anyway anyway.

Medion Black Week Sale: TV, laptops and more on offer

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