Deliver US Mars is a science mission

If you enjoyed Deliver US The Moon, the KEKEN Interactive developer has good news for you. Deliver US Mars is the freshly announced suite of this series of science fiction adventures, and you can have a taste with the trailer above.

DELIVER US THE MOON FR - 05 - On arrive a Tombaugh !!!
Arriving “soon” on PlayStation 5 and PS4, the game takes place 10 years after the events of its predecessor. Apparently, there will be “deep links between the games”, but Mars will tell his own story, which means that newcomers will be able to intervene without playing Moon.

The studio declares that the rest will be based on “the approach based on science fiction narration while enriching the gaming experience, with” many new mechanisms “. An example is a climbing system, allowing you to cross the escarled and dry landscape of March.

Once again, there is no exit date yet, but the exit on the Sony consoles is confirmed at a given moment. Are you looking forward to this science fiction excursion? Put your spatial combinations in the comments section below.