Forspoken is fixed on the technologies that you have behind in your last video

To accompany the GDC talk in which they talked about the technical section of Forspoken , Luminoous Productions has published a new trailer focused on the technologies behind their game; You can see it about these lines.

The Technologies of FORSPOKEN

Behind all this is also AMD, of course (in the talk, with Tepppei Ono, Luminous, was Aurelien Serandor, of AMD; It is not from those published in the Vault, unfortunately), so the great protagonist was FidelityFX. In the video there is a review of the different techniques that are used to give it a more natural and defined aspect, from environmental occlusion to the variable shading.

There are two remarkable points in the video. The DirectStorage effect at the loading times is one of them: In the example that is seen in the video, the same scene takes 1.9 seconds into an SSD M.2, 3.7 in a SATA SSD and 21.5 Seconds on a normal mechanical disk. In the talk, Ono gave more examples and assured that we were close to reducing the load times a second.

The other is the use of Super Resolution, the technology of Upscaling of AMD, which also had a prominent presence in the GDC. Here is version 1.0 in action, but the first two games that will benefit from Super Resolution 2.0 were announced at the San Francisco event, the new version of this technology: will be precisely Forspoken and Deathloop.

Although in the Forspoken video what is seen is Super Resolution 1.0, in the AMD blog more about the new version and its effect on, mainly, Deathloop, which is used as an example of its advantages. It was also announced that this version 2.0 will be fully compatible with Xbox, and although on the blog they confirm that it will be available in the GDK of the Microsoft console at the moment, it has not been discussed about when it can be seen in action; Both Deathloop and Forspoken are exclusive to PlayStation 5, although it is expected that Arkane from Arkane arrives at Xbox sooner than late.

Forspoken is one of the great releases of Square Enix for this year, and until recently we expected to play it in May; However, it was recently announced that the launch moved to October 11 to “polish the game”. For Luminous Productions (a study formed by Hajime Tabata, originally as support team for Final Fantasy XV development) “doing well is extremely important”, and the intention is to take advantage of this extra time to give this isekai the best possible way.