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Battlefield 2042 supposedly led to valuable lessons for EA and dice

The launch of Battle of Battle 2042_ According to reports, has led to harsh lessons and massive changes in Say and Electronic Arts. _ Battle of Battle 2042_ was criticized by critics and fanatics alike at the time of launch for its launch with errors, bad design decisions and much more. Although he says he had some complicated shoots before _ battle 2042_, this hurt a little more. It was the first modern entrance in the series from battlefield 4 in 2013 and announced as a great love letter of the series fans. Unfortunately, it was a hollow experience that left many with a bad taste of mouth.

DICE & EA Ruined Battlefield For Me
It seems that a similar feeling looms over says and EA. According to a new Xfireel team report, he learned some “valuable lessons” of Battle 2042_. An anonymous source noted that they believed that the team would revert many of the changes they made in battle 2042_, but it is not clear what might be referring to. Some fans were disagreed with the fact that the game had 128 players, since the maps did not adapt properly and others did not like the specialized system. The franchise has always had different roles, but the specialists felt that they came from Heroes shooters and did not belong to Battlefield. There were rumors that the next Battlefield would be a hero shooter, based on the concept of specialists, but that can change completely in the future.

Of course, all this should be taken with tweezers, but it is also not difficult to imagine a course correction for the series. EA has to recover many fans later _ battle 2042_, but it is not clear how you can do it. You can not repeat exactly the marketing of the «love letter» again as the last time. However, EA is committed to continuing Battlefield and wants to see it thrive. At this time, it is not clear when the next entry will be launched, but it is likely that EA will take your time before launching one through the door.

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