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A data mine points to Fortnite will keep the mode without constructions

A few days ago, Epic Games announced that it would temporarily eliminate the construction within fortnite , coinciding with the beginning of its new season, resistance, which bases its goal in recovering this possibility. However, a TWEA user data mine indicates that Battle Royale’s items will be separated into two different main modes: one with constructions and another without them.

In any case, it also indicates that it would continue to exist the possibility of playing alone, in duo or teams of three players.

Hypex, another of the data miners, has also discovered some on-screen tips during the load screens that point to the same fact. The one that stands out on the Twitter account is one that begins with “in modes with the construction enabled…”, a specific mention that supports the theories of separate mode.

In addition, it seems that both the usual Fortnite players and those who see it from a distance have received this new update with open arms (which in addition to the non-construction mode also has the possibility of climbing, sprinting and ramning doors with the shoulder). In fact, even many of the veterans of the game emitted frequently complaints on their constructions, and this mechanics put things very difficult to new users who were still to dominate it, so there are probably many who come back to the game.

DEZE GAMEMODE MOET VOOR ALTIJD BLIJVEN!! - Fortnite Battle Royale (Nederlands)
The same day that this change was added in the paradigm in the game, they also announced that they would donate all the benefits of fortnite (turkeys, Fortnite Club, battle passes and cosmetic packs that can be purchased with real money) between 20 March and on April 3 to the victims in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. The next day of the news, they had raised 36 million dollars, and on March 22 (when they gave the last update of the figure) 50 million had already been reached.