WoW: Battles with affixes

Whether tyrannically, reinforced, explosive or placeable \ – the affixes in the mythical-plus dungeons are hardly indispensable from wow. They keep the dungeons fresh and ensure that the instances feel a little differently week by week. In addition, the Season Affix, which is changed with each new season and is based on the respective setting of the patch. Somewhat similar, the developers now have with the battles of Shadowlands.

Affixes for all Shadowlands raids

Tormented Affix Overview/Guide
With the start of the 4th season, all Shadowlands raids get an affix missed. Which one will be and how he works, the developers have not yet expressed themselves. It is clear, however, that the Affix is ​​based on the progenitors, ie the current setting.

Above all, it is interesting that the developers are not only limited to the current raid, the mausoleum of the first. All RAIDS from Shadowlands should get the Affix – so also Nathria Schloss and the Sanctum of Rule.

At the same time, the developers want to make all RAIDs of the extension “relevant” again. This should not only increase the degree of difficulty, but also the rewards. How exactly that will go through, the developers will still have to be mutatable.

Anyway, we could imagine pretty well that we get three small Seasons in 1. For example, a month of Nathria closed (with a little better prey than the mausoleum) until the sanctum is upgraded and again a month later, the mausoleum with Affix and higher Itemlevel is starting. So that Raider does not have the agony of choice from three RAIDs, but one can “process” one after the other. But of course that is only speculation and wishful thinking on our part.

In any case, however, the developers will now look very closely at the reactions to their announcements and, if necessary, make further adjustments. So we are curious. But how are you with you – do you think such a system could have a future, or do you think it’s more for an emergency solution, because the upcoming extension can be used for so long?

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