Nintendo Switch already allows organizing games in folders

Nintendo has published a new update of Nintendo Switch that already allows organizing games by folders, and this addition has come only five years and nineteen days after the launch of the console.

The new function is part of the Firmware Update 14.0.0, and will only allow us to distribute our programs when we have more than 12 of them in our library, although they also have free titles and services. These folders will have the nomenclature of “groups”, and up to 100 of them can be created with a maximum of 200 games or programs within each (and, in addition, each of them may be included in several different groups). Of course, groups can not be created within other groups.

The process to create them is sencillo. We will have to go to the further part to the right of the main menu to access all the programs; Then, you will have to press the L button, continue and select the programs we want to add to the first group one by 1. To finish, there will be no one to name this folder (either by gender, by franchises or the badge we prefer) and will be ready, although to access them we will always have to go first to the section of our complete library.

Nintendo Switch Now Has FOLDERS to Group Games! New Update!

The 14.0.0 also brings with it a new update for the Joy-Con, which we only know that includes “general stability improvements”, as well as changes in the operation of the Bluetooth headset, which now allow adjusting its volume from the device itself or by the console itself.