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[Full-scale stylish action hand red soul] new skin “Sun Gods descendants” appeared!

Hound13 Inc. has notified the contents of the update held on March 22 (Tuesday), March 22, 2022, in the smartphone game “Hundred Soul” (English notation: Hundred Soul).

We will deliver update information on March 22 (Tuesday).

Hound13 Inc. will inform you of the contents of the update held on March 22nd (Tuesday), March 22, 2012, in the game “Hundred Seoul” for smartphones (English notation: Hundred Soul).

# New skin “Sun God’s descendants” appeared!

Sales Period: March 22 (Tuesday) After Maintenance-April 12 (Tuesday) 4:59

Action Movie Martial Arts - Empire Dragon Action Movie Full Length English Subtitles

Seivia “Sun God’s descendants”, thread “Goddess”, Alke “Goddess of Knowledge”, Lady Tera “Magic Goddess” appeared.

You can purchase at the shop in the game.

Packs that can be purchased collectively are also selling “Sun God’s Sun God’s Complete Skin Pack”!

# “Ancient Cat Stock” Replacement Event Held!

Adventures, defeat, and traditional lands, “Ancient Cat Stock” can be acquired, and you can exchange for various items in “Exchange phantom notices” in the event page.

“Ancient cat statue” acquisition period: March 22 (Tuesday) After maintenance-April 12 (Tuesday) 4:59 “Ancient cat statue” exchange period: March 22 (Tuesday) After Maintenance-April 19 (Tuesday) 4:59

# Other Event Information

# # “Sun God’s descendants” special match held

Lady Tera Special Battle: March 22 (Tuesday) After Maintenance-March 29 (Tuesday) 4:59 Argent Special Battle: March 29 (Tuesday) 5:00 to April 5 (Tuesday) 4:59 Thrain Special Battle: April 5 (Tuesday) 5:00 to April 12 (Tuesday) 4:59

When you win a special game, you can get “Heroes of Heroes”, “Gold”, and “Ancient Cat Statues” of each hero.

# # “The Kingdom of the Sun” Event Mission

Event Period: March 22 (Tuesday) After Maintenance-April 12 (Tuesday) 4:59

During the period, it is an event that various items can be acquired by clearing the mission.

“Legendary Gold Bar x 4” can be acquired by achieving all missions.

# Update information on March 22

Please check here for the update contents of March 22.

# What is Hand Red Seoul?

In a smartphone game, it is a next-generation stylish action game that boasts an unprecedented overwhelming operation. Enjoy the highest action and exhilaration while defeating the enemy in the world colored with beautiful graphics.

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Title: Hand Red Seoul
Category: Next Generation Stylish Rest
Bonding fee: Basic free play (item charge system)
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