Skyrim, GTA, Counter-Strike: Your 12 embarrassing gaming

Sometimes video games make you a real challenge – and you put a spectacular abdominal landing. We asked you what your most embarrassing gaming offices are and the 12 funniest answers summarized in our picture range.

The funniest total dropouts in gaming

Most EMBARRASSING Moments on Twitch!
There are certainly good and comprehensible reasons as are embarrassing moments while gambling. But in these moments themselves, it does not matter, but you would like to dow his console in the garden.

But the beautiful on embarrassing game experiences is that you can later laugh about everyone else, especially in the lower picture range . Do not forget that: we are all epic, but still people.

From Sea of ​​Thieves to Wow, Gamer experience hundreds of embarrassing moments, but also have the ability to laugh about it and learn from it. We thank our honest readers for these beautiful stories. We lie, honestly, still laughing at the ground.