ÖFB quartet around Grillitsch falls for Wales

Austria’s national team must also be accepted in front of the semifinals in the World Cup Play Off on Thursday in Cardiff against Wales failures. Hoffenheim Legionnar Florian GrilliStich is also just like Cologne Dejan Ljubicic and the defenders Philipp Lienhart and Christopher Trimmel. The ÖFB announced on Saturday. Grillitsch, Lienhart and Trimmel have released according to their clubs last positive corona tests, Ljubicic is missing on Sunday at the game of his 1st FC Cologne against Dortmund for “malaise”.

The ÖFB did not call any reasons for the cancellations. Midfielder Ljubicic lacks 1. FC Cologne according to club information on Sunday in the league game against Borussia Dortmund but also ill. According to ÖFB, FODA still wants to make postnominations in Vienna before the team’s office on Sunday afternoon. Which ones are, was open on Saturday night for the time being. The German had originally nominated 24 men for the decision game in Cardiff.

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Kainz infected with corona?

Ljubicic ‘Club College Florian Kainz was not below. The possible midfield alternative is also not available to illness. According to German media reports, several Cologne players, including Kainz, have infected with the coronavirus. Bed before, there was already an infection of Philipp Lienhart. The Freiburg central defender graduated on March 5 of his previous subsidiary and had to fit since then. Also on Saturday at the zero number in Fürth he was not in the squad.

Immediate cancellations extended Foda of Grillitsch and Trimmel. While Union-Berlin Legionnaire Trimmel was the first substitute for right-back Stefan Lainer, Grillitsch had probably certainly had his parent seat in Cardiff. The 26-year-old Lower Austrian was in the recent nine ÖFB internationals in the starting formation. According to Hoffenheim information, he was positively tested from Saturday like two club colleagues and is in domestic quarantine.

The ÖFB team had had the failures of several regular players in the same for the longer term. For Wales, FODA had hoped for a full squad, with the exception of Captain Julian Baumgartlinger, who is missing after two knee surgery. “At the moment it looks like Corona is increasing,” the German end of the week warned in an APA interview. “It was almost a miracle when we could work with the squad for the first time we have nominated.” Except for the EM in the previous year, this had never been the case.